Clothing brand H&M plans to open a store in the metaworld

The Swedish chain of stores of the Swedish brand H&M plans to open a virtual store. It will be located in the CEEK City meta universe.

What happened

The clothing brand H&M presented the concept of a virtual store. It is reported that it will be located in the meta-universe of CEEK City. The store will sell digital clothing, and you can pay for it with the cryptocurrency Ceek. As a result, visitors will be able to purchase virtual items from фH&M for their avatars in the metaverse.

Currently, this is just a concept and companies are negotiating the creation of a store. If the idea is implemented, H&M will become the first retail clothing chain in the metaverse.

Ceek City’s Twitter showed what the future virtual store might look like. The video shows a giant shop with glass walls, decorated with mannequins. The choice of things is great: from clothes to accessories.