Competitions for adults

Everyone knows that in every adult lives a child! We all like to be children sometimes, even if it’s for one evening. A great excuse for this will be a holiday with fun contests that will give you a sea of delight and joy!

Teddy bear

Players sit in a circle. The presenter brings a teddy toy. For example, a teddy bear. Each participant must kiss the teddy bear in any place. After that the presenter asks everyone to kiss his neighbor in the same place where the bear was kissed.

Have a drink

Beverage glasses are placed on the table. The number of drinks should be one less than the number of players. The participants start walking around the table by the signal of the host. When the presenter claps his hands, they stop and each of them drinks the glasses he has got. Whoever is left without a glass is out of the game.

After that all the glasses are filled again, and their number should be one less than the number of remaining players.

Guess yourself

All participants sit in a circle, each on his forehead sticker, which says the name of a famous person or fairytale character. The task of each participant is that he must guess which person’s name is written on his sticker.

He can find it out with the help of leading questions.


Guests are divided into pairs. The participants of each pair become the backs to each other, and between their backs put an object, such as a balloon or a ball. At the command “start” teams must go up and run to the goal without losing the ball and without dropping it once, the one who drops it, goes back to the start and starts the way again. Whoever is the fastest and smoothest to overcome the distance and bring the ball to its destination, or rather that couple, and gets a prize.

Feel like a baby

For this contest you will need beer bottles and pacifiers in such quantity as guests will participate in this contest. The host opens the beer, puts a pacifier on each bottle and distributes it to the contestants. At the command “started” everyone begins to empty their bottles, because with a pacifier it is not so easy. Who will be the first to cope – will receive a prize.

We draw together

Guests are divided into 2-3 teams. An easel and a marker are provided for each team. All participants are blindfolded. Each participant is led one by one to the easel, where they will have to draw the sexiest part (man – in a woman, and woman – in a man). As a result, the teams will have a fun and varied drawing. After all, everyone will draw something different, such as eyes, breasts and so on. For the most “marvelous” drawing the team gets a prize.

A toast!

For the contest you need a glass and some kind of drink. The first guest sitting at the table pours a little drink into the glass. The second refills the case. When the glass is filled and the drink begins to pour over the edge, then the guest, on which it happened, must say a toast and drink the contents of the glass.

Blind date

All participants are blindfolded. The host, at his discretion, forms a couple of guests. Participants are not allowed to talk. When all pairs are distributed, the host includes music of some kind of incendiary dance and the couples dance. After the dance, the presenter comes to each of the participants and asks with whom he danced? Who guesses his dance partner (a gentleman or a lady from a blind date), he gets a prize.

Rich Heron

Each participant on command of the presenter becomes on one leg and on the account of “3” all participants begin to collect in a heron position the money scattered around them (printed bills). Whoever collects more money in 1 minute will become the richest heron, and as a gift to the winner can be presented with warm socks, so that the feet are not frozen in the swamp.

Men’s hairstyle

Participants are separated into pairs. Girls are presented with elastic bands for hair. Girls should make their boys beautiful hairstyles with the help of elastic bands. Whose hairstyle will be the most beautiful, according to the guests, he won.

For the best effect, girls can be given not only elastic bands, but also hairpins, combs and so on.