Complete winter capsule wardrobe

“The winter of our doubt has come, replacing the magnificent summer of the ideal wardrobe” (Richard III, act 1, scene 1).

It was not in vain that the poet focused his attention on the change of seasons. The approach of winter means not only shorter daylight hours, lower temperatures, chapped lips and a new season of your favorite TV series. Winter also provides a great opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe change skills.

In childhood, we were told: the more things you put on yourself in winter, the warmer. We put forward an alternative view: less is better. In fact, just a few well-chosen items will help make your winter wardrobe diverse, you will have a fashionable look for any event under the sun (or rather, in the rain and snow).


1 Oxford shirt

2 Long sleeves in neutral colors

3 Hoodie

4 Simple sweatshirt

5 Top shirt

6 Sheepskin jacket – natural or artificial

7 Camel coat

8 Skinny dark tight jeans

9 Gray Skinny Sweatpants

10 Woolen Suit

11 Leather sneakers

12 Chelsea boots

Oxford shirt

Oxford shirt is like an old friend who is always with you – in any season, at work and on vacation, in the sweltering heat and in the deadly cold.

In winter, this always-on piece of clothing has Ivy League hallmarks, with a conservative collar peeking out neatly from under a round sweater neckline, while the fabric of the shirt is soft and warm enough to be worn under a wool coat.

When the cold approaches, choose the classic colors: white, blue and blue-gray, and you can also experiment with autumn shades.

Longslives of neutral colors

The authors of fashion reviews in men’s magazines praise layering in clothes as slightly crazy sellers of onions. The multi-layered image has both advantages and disadvantages.

Choose the best longsliv and boldly use it in your closet. T-shirts with long sleeves look best in neutral colors (shades of gray, white and beige), in this case they act as a blank sheet for your stylish experiments.

They are successfully combined with an Oxford shirt and an upper shirt, in addition, this outfit is a good protection from the penetrating winter wind.


The main element of street fashion has long since got rid of its sports pedigree. Today, Hoodie is worn by supporters of smart-casual style, and in winter it is just an indispensable piece of clothing.

Lightweight hoodies are worn under woolen coats – this combination sends us back to the nineties. Hoodies are also combined with leather or denim jacket, cotton T-shirt, and narrowed training pants.

The whole zipped models look good in multi-layered looks, and the hoodie with the zipper on top can be combined with an Oxford shirt.

A simple sweatshirt

The corner stone of the men’s closet. This item of clothing has a working or athletic origin. Today it is a great choice for a weekend – whether you are going to the gym or shopping.

Practical and easy to maintain, the sweatshirt looks only better when slightly worn out or burned out. Choose models from a dense fabric in neutral colors this winter.

Top shirt

The top shirt is a hybrid located in the mathematical center of the winter closet: between a thinner shirt and outerwear. The roots of this shirt are in camping clothing and military uniform.

The top shirt is as versatile as its past is rich. For a natural look, wear a shirt made of heavy cotton corduroy or wool, for a trendy look, wear suede or quilted fabric, for a sports shirt wear nylon or synthetic.

Muffin jacket – natural or artificial

It is easy to guess why a sheepskin jacket is an eternal favorite in men’s outerwear. It combines masculinity and chic, practicality and decadence. Sheepskin and wool have many apostles, including James Dean, Marlon Brando, Alain Delon (and all around).

A sheepskin jacket came from aviation and motorcycling in everyday clothes. It fits perfectly with shirts made of dense fabric or denim, with sweaters with high gates and dark jeans. As often happens with trendy jackets, less means better. Do not cover the contrast collar with scarves and accessories.

Camel coat

Camel color – the older and better-looking brother of beige. Warm shades with caramel tones are admired by designers for many years. This color is appreciated for its versatility and appeal – unlike the more anemic beige, camel coat fits almost all skin and hair shades. Camel color today is experiencing a renaissance in outerwear.

In its various embodiments, the camel’s coat means chic, and sometimes – look in the retro direction. Put it on top of a completely black image and win the French on their field.

Another win-win option is a coat in combination with jeans and a gray sweatshirt. Also a camel coat is the best companion for office clothes, allowing to combine formal dress code and casual style.

Narrow, dark, thick jeans

Selvedge jeans – especially those of Japanese origin – are excellent for winter. The traditional processed stitch (easily recognizable by the red or orange thread woven into the fabric) jeans are thicker and more protective from the cold than their fashion alternative with elastane content. Choose straight or tight jeans with chelsea or chukka boots.

Grey slimmed sports pants

GQ magazine warned us last summer: do not come to a cafe on Saturday morning in sports pants and sheepskin slippers to order an egg sandwich, as if there is no one else in the world but you. It was a protest against the underwear trend in everyday wear.

Although the magazine was right about the egg sandwich, it did not appreciate all the pleasure of wearing sports pants. The difference between a sports student and a fashionista who prefers a relaxed sports style is the cut. Narrow training pants create a more elegant silhouette, especially if sewn from soft fabric.

Well fit pants (nothing baggy, too tight or too long!) will not make you a student athlete. It is also important to understand where to go with these pants. Air travel? Yes. Party? No. A weekend party? Yes. First date (or second, or 43rd)? No.

Woolen suit

Wool is an excellent material! Warm enough to keep you warm even in the harshest cold, but breathable to survive a trip to work on public transportation during peak hours.

A woolen suit must be present in a trendy winter closet. The fabric, with a texture slightly reminiscent of a sack, will not shine any longer. Choose a dark gray or dark blue color – they will fit any combination of shirt and tie.

Leather sneakers

Worthy pair of leather sneakers suitable for any event. From lazy Sunday to the event in the style of smart-casual. They can be worn even for a formal event. In general, these shoes just need to have in their arsenal.

Sneakers are more comfortable than traditional shoes, and look more decent than shoes for the gym. Leather sneakers have an excuse, if you wear them all the time – they are comfortable. Choose a pair of traditional colors, classic white as for tennis, or dark gray or beige.

Chelsea shoes

Practical and all-weather (with the exception of suede), but quite decent to wear with a suit, celsie boots are the eternal cornerstone of a closet for cold weather.

They can be combined with pants of all types, from denim to chinos and more official. Cheap bangs are a fake economy. Choose the best quality that you can afford.