Content will appear on Instagram only for paid users

IInstagram is developing a subscription system

Paid content may appear in the popular social network Instagram. It is reported by Engadget.

As it became known, the developers of the application are currently working on a new feature, which will be called Exclusive Stories. Thanks to it, users of the social network will be able to subscribe to additional content from the authors for a fee. Normal users, having switched to exclusive Stories, will see a special notification that they can watch only those who have a subscription. The app is expected to block the screenshot option when running paid content on them.

Creators of exclusive Stories will be able to save them in Highlight, so that new subscribers can see all paid content previously published by the author. It is currently unknown when Instagram will add such a feature to its app. It is noted that there is a possibility that such features may not appear at all, looking at how the developers of the social network have repeatedly refused to introduce various new features at the very last stage of creation.

Recall that earlier the publicationCommentsreported that a new test version for the popular messenger WhatsApp, which included a new feature expected by many. This beta version is only available to owners of devices running the Android operating system. Read more about it in our article. The publication also reported that the popular TikTok service will introduce a new feature for content creators in its app within a few weeks. This feature will be added by the numerous requests of bloggers.