Cool contests for adults. Part 4

At a peephole

In this competition, adults will test their ability to accurately weight. Each participant must weigh 1 kg of beans, for example, or potatoes or something else per eye. For the test you will need a scale. Who weighs the proposed material most accurately, he will receive a prize, for example, a kilo of sweets.

Cavernous questions

Adults are such adults and believe that they know everything in the world. So let’s check it out. The host will need to prepare in advance some interesting questions from life, which he will ask the guests one by one. If the guest does not know the answer, the same question goes to the next guest, and so on, until the correct answer is given. And for the correct answer – a prize.

Examples of questions:

Who was the first to receive the Nobel Prize? (X-ray)

Where was the first World Football Championship held? (Uruguay)

Where was the first beauty salon opened? (Australia, Melbourne)

How many seconds did the very first flight of the first aircraft last? (12 seconds)

How many seas are there on our planet? (About 90)

Lemon slices

To participate in the contest you need a pair of “guy-girl”. Girl lie down horizontally, on her body are spread slices of lemon. The guy is blindfolded, his task is to find and eat all the slices of lemon on the girl’s body. One of the slices is on her lips.

The couples who successfully cope with the task in the allotted time, win.

Doctor of Medical Sciences

Adults should understand the pills, so let’s check how well they know this or that medicine. The game of departure. Guests become in a circle, leading in turn for each guest calls the drug, and the guest answers that he treats, what he saves. If he answers, he stays in the circle, and if not, he drops out. And so until there is one winner. It is better to start with simple names, such as analgine, paracetamol, and then you can move on to more complex names, the use of which is not known to all, for example, cetrine, asparka, actovegin, and so on.

Who washes the dishes?

The room is divided in half by a sheet. In one part of the room – girls, in the other – guys. They should undress and form a rope from their clothes. Whose rope is longer, that team won. Loser team goes to wash dishes.

Earn money

Each of the guests is given the same amount of printed money by the host. And during the holiday, “it’s time” for each of the guests to prove themselves and earn some money. For example, you can sing a song or change devices on the table, collect dirty napkins from the table or give someone a massage. Whoever offers the most expensive services, who can negotiate well and earn more money in the evening than the others, will win.

Ring a girl

All the guys present are given elastic bands of different colors. The task of guys – is to ring as many girls as possible. To do this is simple: you need to put the elastic bands on the ankles of girls. Who rings more girls, and won.

The bill in the wallet

All participants are separated into pairs. Pairs should consist of boys and girls. Girls are tied to a belt a large purse, and guys are tied a rope, on the end of which is attached a bill. The task of the guys is to put the bill into the wallet without the help of hands.

The pair that quickly copes with the task, comes out the winner.


Each participant receives the same list of drinks, such as white wine, beer, vodka, tequila, cognac, whiskey, and so on. Participants must pick up snacks to the drinks from the table faster than others. Snacks can be prepared in advance by slicing, for example, cheese, lime, sausage, pickle and so on, but in small quantities, so that not everyone will have enough. Which of the participants will have the largest arsenal of snacks, he won.

Details from personal life

At the entrance to the holiday several people get so-called “black marks”. At a certain time, the host will start to dig into the personal life of each of these guests. We choose the person with the “black mark”. The presenter asks the guests pre-prepared questions, on which the guests should give correct or approximate answers, for example: How did you earn your first money? How old was the first time you kissed? The name of your first love? What was the costume at the kindergarten matinee? What was the first grade at school? And so on. The guests with the most correct number of answers get prizes, and the guests with “black marks” get applause for bravery and sincerity.