Cool toasts. Part 1

Do not sickness and do not limp,

Start the morning cheerfully,

Old age away from the broom race

And live to the fullest!

Surprise and dream,

Jump and walk more,

Move more, dance more.

And salads more often chew!

Let’s fasten my words,

Let’s drink with you to the bottom!

They say that people do not always need advice, sometimes they just need a friendly hand of support. Sometimes they need an ear to listen to problems and adversity, and sometimes they need a heart that will understand and appreciate. So let’s drink to all the other organs, which sometimes are so necessary. For example, to a friendly leg, which at the right moment will give a good kick so that we can move on!

Let’s drink to the years,

So that they could live not in vain,

That there were many events,

And amazing discoveries!

Let us drink to vodka,

So that it never ends,

To always, at any time,

Her friends could have bought it!

Let’s drink to the hangover,

So as not to ever get sick with it,

After all, it is a whole skill,

So as not to hurt your head!

Let’s drink one last drink.

To our plans and dreams,

So that we have a lot of deals,

That we could not have!

Let life be like honey – sweet, health – strong as a bottle of good cognac, and love – boundless as the horizon! Let’s drink it to the bottom.

Once, a wise man was asked: “O wise man, tell me, how long should we wait for happiness? The grey-haired elder answered with a clever smile: “If you wait, it is a long time”. So let’s drink to those who do not wait, but make their own happiness!

To the character and to fashion,

For a wonderful weather,

For the salary, for the good.

And for a stylish coat.

For sufficiency and for the house,

For the coziness that reigns in it,

For the hangover, and for that,

To be good!

In general, we should drink

To success and to dreams,

For rapture and beauty,

For love and for family!

Let us toast to the dick,

We know him, everyone needs him,

He knows everything, about everyone, always,

And sometimes things are going on with him!

It is more interesting to talk to him,

And build a fence with it,

With it the cold is always tastier,

It will never disappear!

Let’s drink to the “cabbage” with you,

To always be thick,

To be kept in purses.

In euros, pounds, dollars!

Let’s drink to that as well,

So that all was well,

Have a vacation abroad

And problems not to know.

Eat black caviar

Directly with a spoon in the morning,

Drive around in Jaguar,

Take a place in the Duma!

As you know, a person is the result of his or her own thoughts. What he thinks about is what he turns into. Therefore, it is recommended not to think about bad things at all, but to bathe in an ocean of positive emotions. Let’s drink to the fact that your life was full of only bright, bright and unforgettable moments, so that there was no room for sadness and sadness at all!

We are gathered with you today,

Obviously, there is a reason,

We did not have enough rest,

What is not the reason for you, friends?

And so today.

We’ll drink with you as a friend.

We are to a good sleep, to rest,

To make life easier!

To lie in hammocks,

Saw coconut from a tube,

To pineapple on a dish

We have an aborigine in a moment!

We went somehow fishing son, father and grandfather. They rode in a bus, a girl comes in here, all dressed up, and tights – in a net.

My son thought:

– A chick of credit…

My father thinks:

– All the money from parents is probably drawn to clothes…

Grandfather’s thoughts:

– Eh, but the networks forgot…

Let’s drink to clarity of thought!

Let’s drink to that,

That everything is always lucky,

What millions we should have

And so that we do not get sick in the morning.

To drink vodka and not to get drunk,

So as not to regret anything,

To make all the wishes come true

And never despond!

I wish not to be sick with a hangover.

You after this fun.

Do not sleep in the hug with the toilet,

During the dance move the pelvis.

Shake eyes early in the morning,

Well, in general, everything is the same as before.

Of course, I am the one who is joking.

A toast said, I want a drink!

Let it be easy at heart,

In the pockets – very hard.

To drink quietly, eat,

It was courageous to admit everything.

To be strong enough to have fun,

I could not sleep with joy.

Let it be possible to do everything in time,

At the same time, do not even sweat.

Let life run its course,

And we are like riding in life!

Every plant needs watering, and every person needs friendship. And, sometimes, the plants fertilize. So let’s take some alcoholic fertilizer, my friends. I drink to our friendship.