Cool toasts. Part 11

Everyone says divine toasts, beautiful words, and many wishes. But I, not a poet, nor a writer, nor can I speak beautifully. So I’ll keep it short: “My glass is empty! It’s time to pour!”

There’s a saying, love is like wine or vodka. Stupefying, but worse than any alcohol. So let’s get drunk and drunk!

A man gave his bride a button for her wedding and said, “Sew it on her fly so he won’t go to another man’s wife! Let’s raise a glass to the fact that trust, mutual understanding, and nothing would ever have to be sewn on!

Student Larissa was even distracted from cartoons, when she saw two fifth-graders kissing on the bench in the window. So let’s drink to love, which conquers all ages!

I wish you to do crazy things once in a while. Drink some vodka, take a ride in a boat and dance naked in the harsh rain, and then stop and shout loudly, “I’m the best in the world, was and am again!”

They say love is like wine or vodka. Intoxicating, but worse than any alcoholic beverage. So let us get drunk and intoxicated!

I am standing on the street. Cold, waiting for the bus and hear a dialogue (probably between mom and daughter):

– Fruits are so expensive!

– Do not save on health, dear.

– Oh mom, now they save on everything, even feelings.

So let’s drink to the fact that the crisis did not spread to our heart.

One stubborn and stubborn donkey suddenly stopped in the middle of the road blocking everyone’s way without explaining the reason for his action. So let’s toast to being able to explain any of our actions and get out of any situation!

Be a little bit you’re funny, but never be you’re shameful. Be a little you are funny, but never be a clown. Be a little sad sometimes, but never on a binge. Be like an owl wise and happy on all days.

I compare you to Julius Caesar: manage everything and at once with quality and without extraneous questioning! Be almighty(s), like Bruce from the movie of the same name, give joy and faith to people, like Hachiko.

One boy really wanted raspberries. He came to the angry saleswoman and said, “Do you want to see a magic trick? The woman was tired for the day and thought that the child might well entertain her. “Well, give me your trick.” “Will you give me a raspberry if you like it?” – The boy asked. The woman agreed. Honestly, the trick was simple and long known, but the boy tried so hard that he got a treat. So let’s drink to the fact that luck never considers us an evil person, with whom even trying to achieve something is pointless. And that we, like this boy, have the resourcefulness and courage to get what we want.

You know, an acquaintance of mine got a parrot, and taught him to speak culturally. Now his ward knows the words “mauvais ton,” “your lordship,” “and you are an ignoramus,” and many others. When his mother-in-law came to visit them one day, she had a long argument with the bird. So let there be something to laugh at in everyone’s life!

There are women who go over men. And there are smart men who avoid those women. There are men who think they’re smart and women who take advantage. So here’s to, as they say, every creature for a pair, and a good man for a good companion.

My dear cousin. Everyone wishes you health, money, and love. And I will not be trivial: may your mug always be full of beer, may your wife stop loving soap operas and love soccer, and may texts from your mistress automatically deleted! Happy Birthday!

I wish you no sadness, I wish you no discouragement. I wish every day to pluck money from the tree. I wish that it would grow on a branch, That it would not be eaten by my children. That life is sweet, and a woman is clever!