Cool toasts. Part 13

Tonight’s sponsor is the union of the three H’s: “mood,” “unique company,” and “shall we have another drink?” So let’s stick to that union!

When a man is sick, he is rubbed with vodka for prophylaxis. So let’s take prophylaxis and take it inside, so that our souls will never be sick!

You know, an acquaintance of mine got a parrot, and taught him how to speak in culture. Now his ward knows the words “mauvais ton”, “your lordship”, “and you – ignoramus”, and many others. When his mother-in-law came to visit them one day, she had a long argument with the bird. So let there be something to laugh at in everyone’s life!

My dear cousin. Everyone wishes you health, money, and love. And I will not be trivial: may your mug always be full of beer, may your wife stop loving soap operas and love soccer, and may texts from your mistress delete automatically! Happy birthday to you!

What can I wish you? What more do you want? You’re so beautiful, rich, and happy, I can’t think of a toast for you anymore. I’m very happy for you! I can only say: May all that you have multiply a hundredfold!

There are a lot of mushrooms in the glade, in the forest, as well as many years of living. I wish you only to keep the days, the days that have crowned us with joy. Here’s to a bucket full of happiness in our clearing called life!

A toast was born to you, my friends. May your glass be full, So that we may walk with you today. And in your hand – a little cucumber, if you’ve drunk already, well done! Here’s to us, the beautiful and the young, To us, the happy and the tough. Here’s to us, we’ll live like a fairy tale, With only light colors prevailing!

Everyone knows that on your birthday you should make wishes. But few know what exactly needs to be done to make the wishes come true. The answer to this question was found in the north of Ireland, in an establishment called “Port Madam”. One day a lonely sailor Cook wandered into this inn, naturally to celebrate his birthday. He asked the innkeeper for a loaf, sat down at the table, and lit the candle that was on the table. He looked so sad that a leprechaun named Bob came over to the sailor from a nearby table. He asked Cook, “What would you like more than anything else in the world?” The sailor replied that home, riches, and women. Then Bob promised that if Cook drank a bucket of ale and tap-danced on the table, everything would surely come true. Cook repeated everything exactly as the leprechaun said and… nothing came true. I wish you less leprechauns in your path.

Let’s drink to all good things so that the glasses are cracked! For what cannot be broken, is to good fortune. Let’s party!

An acquaintance told a story from life. He has an employee who smacks loudly, and it starts to annoy the other employee. And the other one starts drinking tea loudly in revenge. And imagine: they are sitting in the same corner, one is drinking tea so that your ears stick up, and the other one is smacking. So let our nerve cells be in order!

They say that if we could give a good kicking to the person who is to blame for all our misfortunes, we wouldn’t be able to sit still for a couple of days, because most of the time we are to blame for all our problems! So let’s drink to our sense of self-preservation. Which prevents us from beating ourselves up for mistakes!

Everyone knows that fighting is always a bad thing. And arguing with a woman, you can’t think of anything worse. Well, you know, right? You’re usually going to be wrong, even if it’s far from it. I’d even say that the only way to get into an argument with a woman is to play dead. So here’s to having as few arguments with ladies as possible.

How the bees sting when they get angry. How stubborn and restless they bite! Knowing when to retreat we rush into battle and remain defeated. Let’s raise a glass to doing everything in life wisely and knowing where to stop and act wiser.

Why are you sitting there, sad. All will be well in life. Spread your wings like a nut and fly high!

Booze makes it hard to live. That’s what the doctors say. But it only seems to bother prudes and teetotalers. So here’s to them and to those who will soon overcome their fears!