Cool toasts. Part 14

The main thing in life is good health, and to have someone to rely on and to throw a leg up in the morning. Let’s drink to the unique and devoted men in our lives, and to the sea of happiness. Bottoms up.

Let’s drink to our cheerful and friendly company. Let’s meet more often, giving each other positive, fun and great mood. I wish each of us to be cheerful, energetic and upbeat in spirit.

I propose to combine into one toast all that we need and drink to that. To love, to friendship, to happiness, to health and to frequent meetings with the dearest people! May it all be stable, strong and long lasting!

I love to get together with our fun and friendly company. It is a pleasure to talk and drink with you. Let’s drink to the fact that after our gatherings were only pleasant memories, rather than headaches.

May fortune and happiness be “for us”, love and care “for us”, and troubles and problems “from us!” We should drink to that!

It’s nice to meet and talk with good people! Our gatherings are always filled with positivity and pleasant emotions. Let such events take place as often as possible. Here’s to us, to the meeting!

Let’s drink to me! You don’t care, but I do.

A wise man once said, “Alcohol without good company is money down the drain!” And you know who that wise man was? It was me! So let’s drink to the presence of all that is said in that wise phrase!

Girls, let’s drink to us beautiful ones! May we always be in a good mood. Let the men please us every day, give us gifts and surround us with attention. Endless female happiness to each of us!

How nice that there are such people with whom you can share the news, worries and good mood! Here’s to you, dear friends, for the meeting.

Let’s drink to the fact that we will have something to drink to in the future as well. May our purses and pockets always be full of money.

Let’s raise our glasses to us beautiful and charming. I really want each of us to find infinite feminine happiness. That there will always be a loved one around.

Let’s raise our glasses to our meeting! Let such events occur as often as possible. After all, it’s nice to spend time with good people, getting a charge of positive and good humor.

Let’s drink to the fact that our hearts are always light, and our pockets are always heavy. To rest we were abroad, went on an expensive car and red caviar eaten spoonfuls!

Girls, let’s raise a glass for us beautiful! Let the men love us, appreciate and often shower us with flowers. I wish each of us to be loved, happy and take everything from life.