Cool toasts. Part 15

A toast that this moment is sure to be repeated as often as possible! Here’s to our long-awaited and enjoyable meeting. It’s great to be around such wonderful people!

Girls, let’s toast to us, the sweetest, most beautiful, successful, attractive, charming, sexy, gentle. Let our men appreciate us and shower us with gifts more often!

Let’s drink to the pleasant moments: to the cozy atmosphere around us, to the delicious drinks inside us and to the infectious good mood from us! How great that we met!

Let’s, dear ladies, drink to the fact that in our life we always had someone to rely on – a man was strong, faithful and loving, friends were faithful and sincere, and loved ones could always be near at any moment of our lives. And to this we toast.

Dear girls. Let’s drink to the fact that every day was like a holiday on March 8 – with nice compliments, affection and care, and a good mood. May we be loved, and in good man’s hands.

Girls are like the cherry on the cake: always bright, delicious and… …and beckons! So let’s, dear, let’s drink to us, the beautiful, and let us be the most attractive cherries at any age! Here’s to us!

Let’s raise a glass to vertigo! Vertigo from happiness, from the passionate love of our wonderful men and for the vertigo of feeling light and inspired! Here’s to us, dears!

I’m very glad to see all of you! Let’s drink to the meeting and having a good time. May the positivity and good mood never leave us.

I am very glad to meet you! Though we see each other not so often, but each our meeting is remembered for a long time. Let’s drink to our meeting, for pleasant communication and positive mood!

A meeting with you is always a holiday for me. Let’s raise our glasses to our pleasant communication. Let the positive and good mood will always be with us.

Each of our meetings gives us good communication, a great mood and a lot of positive emotions. So let’s meet more often! To meeting and pleasant interlocutors!

My dear friends, I want to drink to each of us! Let fate give each of us only happy moments and joyful events. May there always be a reliable and beloved person near you. I wish all of us great female happiness.

Good gatherings are like a real, long-awaited holiday, because not always there is a free minute of our time. So I propose to celebrate this day to the full!

Girls, I suggest you raise your glasses to modesty, loyalty and our patience, because these are the qualities that make us a real woman’s happiness and the attention of those close to us! Here’s to us, the most tender and unique!

Let’s drink to “more often! I wish we could meet more often, dear friends! Here’s to our long-awaited today’s and future meetings!