Cool toasts. Part 16

I want to drink to the very humble people in our company. That’s exactly the kind of person I am!

We have a hot heat of positive emotions in our company today, so I propose to dilute it with a cold strong forty-degree! Bottoms up.

So, we meet at last. Our meetings are always pleasant communication and a sea of positive emotions. So let’s meet more often, having a great pleasure from these meetings.

Let’s drink to us, so beautiful and charming! Let there always be worthy men near us. May all our dreams come true!

Let’s say goodbye to sobriety until tomorrow, and drink to our pleasant meeting! We have the best things ahead of us! Bottoms up.

Let’s drink to love being mutual, business always going well, and rest being stable – in good pleasant company, and… without a hangover! Bottoms up.

Let’s drink to the fact that there will be as many sorrows, enemies and bad news in our lives as there will be drops at the bottom of the glass. We don’t need that kind of trouble, so we drink to the last drop!

We look forward to any meeting as a holiday, especially if it is long-awaited, and it makes our souls happy! So let’s not waste time, and let’s drink! After all, we have a holiday today.

Goodness, warmth and happiness to all. Here’s to us, young and beautiful, carefree and happy. Let us be lucky and fortunate, the rest will come because of it.

Great fun, joy, and laughter to all.

As the Ministry of Health states, “Alcohol is evil!” So let’s not procrastinate, and finally fight it already? Bottoms up!

Our company consists of three main things – good people, pleasant conversations and a bottle of stout with tasty treats. What else do you need? So let’s drink to all the components.

I suggest to drink to the pleasant end of a busy day – our meeting! How nice that we are all here today! Bottoms up.

I wish us all a lot of money. And a lot of free time to enjoy spending it.

I propose to drink to us, the most beautiful and most incomparable part of our planet! To those who decorate this world with kindness, beauty and care. To us, dear women! And may we always have the best of everything!