Cool toasts. Part 17

Let’s drink to the cheerful three letters that we really want to see in our lives – L, S, F! Let’s drink to each of them: love, the purest and sincerest, stability in everything, and finances, just finances! What letters are you thinking of? Bottoms up!

Friends, drinking alone is not interesting at all. Let’s get drunk together. After all, the team – it’s a huge force! All the more so cheerful as ours.

The most important thing in a good evening – good company, we have it, it means that the evening will be successful, here’s to our wonderful rest. Cheers.

May we have as many problems in life as there are drops left in our glasses! So, let’s raise our glasses in friendship and drink to the bottom!

Here’s to fun, laughter, smiles, joy. May we have it all, and we’ll get nothing for it.

To faith, hope and love. May this trinity be in all of us.

To be present in good company, with plenty of treats and drinks, is like loving the other half. We want more and more, every day! So let’s raise our glasses to frequent gatherings!

I propose to drink to us, so beautiful and amazing! Let men adore us, fulfill all our whims and shower us with flowers. I wish each of us love and great female happiness!

Here’s to all of us, to our merry company, to our motto: “one for all, and all for one”.

Let’s drink a toast to our pleasant company! And that in the morning we’ll be strong and cheerful!

Good evening to all, cheerfulness without cares. Let’s smile.

Here’s to us beautiful, happy, cheerful, positive. To our happiness, luck and success. May we have comfort and harmony.