Cool toasts. Part 2

To all those who will be under the table,

We will not pour any more alcohol.

And who will not drink with us,

That we will hit in a friendly way!

Although, perhaps, and joking,

But I want to make a toast:

I want to drink to success,

Here’s to your funny, resounding laughter!

To women all and to men.

I wish you do not know wrinkles!

In Feng Shui, the main thing is to arrange a rational living space. A life properly organized in Feng Shui: you keep money in the west, have a house in the south, own an oil well in the east and a gold mine in the north.

To a properly organized life!

I drink to our hangover,

To pass with ease,

So that everything was perfect,

It did not hurt anything!

To the nearest pharmacy,

We do not need to rush,

I drink to our health,

We should not joke with him!

I drink to us, to the days, to happiness,

I drink to everything today,

Raise your glasses,

Let us be good!

Drink I offer

Let’s get to work, let’s get to work,

To make them go up the mountain,

So that we do not get tired!

Not to suffer from a hangover,

Never despond,

Let’s drink with you to the good,

That we are always lucky!

To make the brine tasty to drink,

It’s good to eat,

So as not to get sick in the morning,

Do not regret anything!

I want to drink to the fact that you have absolutely no time in your life: so that you could not have time to be sad, upset and offended. I want to be able to refuse to spend minutes on negative events, counting only positive ones. Here is to your good mood.

Let’s drink to the sun,

For its brightness and warmth,

Think about it, at any time of year,

He and I are charming, good!

Let us drink to joy,

After all, we cannot live without it,

We will raise our glasses for the sweetness,

Life became better with her somehow!

Let’s drink to the hangover,

And to make it go away easily,

I wish everyone the mood,

And that all was well!

Let’s have a drink, so that luck,

I have always lived in our homes,

So that she does not cheat on us,

Never left!

Congratulations whole woz,

Like a good Father Frost

I stopped by to see you.

And he forgot his bag.

At least now is not the New Year,

May you be lucky in everything,

Let dreams come true,

Let the colorful dreams come true.

And also to you the smiles of kind,

And clothes are fashionable for you,

And let it be all right,

Happiness sings let on the bed!

I propose to drink to “her”! After all, without “her” our life will lose all its colors and become almost meaningless. And if “she” stops supporting us, we will not be able to sit well with friends and enjoy Friday night. Here’s to the liver!

A young man comes to a wizard and says, “Make my dick so that it gets to the ground. The wizard thought for a long time and made his legs ten centimeters long. Let’s empty our glasses to our fantasy!

I propose to drink to the cat,

Well, why, because they do not drink to him,

I am raising a glass now,

Maybe they will pour him some milk!

Well, think for yourself,

The cat has the most beautiful life,

They feed, admire it, iron it,

And you sleep all the time in the warmth!

In general, I wish everyone,

So that all of you can live in wealth,

So that milk can be poured on you,

In order not to be sad forever!

Late evening. The wife looks at her watch with anxiety. Finally, her husband comes home and asks loudly from the doorstep:

– Honey, remember, I once promised to get a star?

– I remember. So what?

– Take out your glasses, I brought the whole five stars… …on a cognac bottle!

Let’s drink to male generosity and female patience!

Some people see the glass half empty, others half full. We wish you to see it filled to the edges. And let your life be just as full of happiness, success, warmth, wealth, health and joy! Let’s drink to optimism!

Let’s drink to a smile,

It is the place where the day begins,

For her sadness to win,

For this drink is not lazy in any way!

Let’s drink to luck

And for useful things,

And so that you don’t get sick in the morning.

And my head did not suffer!

Friends, let’s drink and pour more! After all, as one wise grandmother used to say, it is better to shoot and reload and shoot again than to shine a flashlight and ask: “Who is here?