Cool toasts. Part 3

Everyone knows a folk tale about turnip. And everyone remembers that in the end it took the help of the weakest and smallest member of the team to pull the turnip out of the ground. So let’s drink to our team, thanks to whose unity, today we will certainly have fun!

I drink to make everything possible,

Everything has come true, it has come true,

To enemies and friends,

To fathers and their children!

I drink to the enemies.

Bite off languages,

I drink to the rate and currency,

For the beauty, figure!

I drink to nights, to love,

I drink to life and I drink to shelter,

I’m drinking to make sure everyone has enough to live on.

And the bitterness has been forgotten!

For all of us to have,

So that we could have everything,

That we love,

We lived in wealth!

Fuck my head,

It was healthy,

And I was not sick,

She never!

To this I will drink,

Standing, to the bottom,

To surround,

Our kindness!

I propose to drink to a beautiful part of the human body. Without it there is no adventure, without it it it is impossible to hold friendly feast. She helps us in diseases by taking over all procedures. Without her, it would be impossible to love and in general a lot is impossible without her. So let’s drink to… the butt! Because there is no way without it!

I drink to our hangover,

I drink in the morning, mood,

I drink to fresh brine,

I drink to laugh and to our table!

I drink to my head in the fog.

And the floor that is under your feet,

I drink to make it good,

In general, I drink to everything now!

Dear friends, I would like to wish all of us that in the most difficult moment, when seemingly unsolvable problems are piling up, we can always count on the hands of help, and let one of them be our own, and the other our friends. Because they say that the Lord helps only those who do something to solve their problems!

Let’s toast to the fact that our lives remind us of a pet cat – there is always something to drink, eat and someone to pet.

It is said that one day, God came to the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve and offered two gifts to choose from. One is the opportunity to write standing up, and the other is the mind. Adam hurriedly took the first gift from God and ran around the garden using his new abilities. Looking at him, God glanced at Eve and decided to give him the second gift. So let’s drink to leadership! To the fact that the very first always gets the best!

On this festive day, I want to wish something magical, fabulous. Carriages? No, it is inconvenient. A magic wand? No, it’s too fantastic. There is one idea: I wish you a magic kick! Let the magic kick take you to your peaks.

Let’s drink to the positive,

Every moment is beautiful with it,

He gives fun,

Laughter and mood!

It is easy for us to live with,

We are very good with him,

With him, the problems recede,

And the smile comes to life!

Everybody wants wealth and all that. Somehow banal and annoying sounds, so I wish you the poorest: the oldest wines in the cellar, cheeses with noble mold, red car without a roof and phone without buttons. There you go. I hope you understand my humor and accept my congratulations.

Once a small but very proud bird did not fly anywhere, but stayed home and had a great time with her family. So let’s drink to the strong rear and family well-being that keep us from recklessness.

I want to raise my glass to strength,

So that everything would be all right with us,

So that the hangover does not suffer,

The money in his pockets arrived!

That the stomach hurt with laughter,

To have summer every year,

So that we would be afraid of problems,

Let’s drink friends to that!

Everyone knows the story of the girl Masha and the bear with whom she became friends. If the bear had been caught more aggressive, it would not have been a children’s cartoon, but a horror film. And, if the girl was not so reckless, then there would be a drama about a deep psychological trauma, after meeting with the beast. So let’s drink to happy coincidences that turn our lives into a fairy tale.

Many men, complaining about their women, often compare them with saws. I can’t fully agree with them, and I wish only one thing – let these saws be hand-made, and cut only dry and unnecessary things from your love tree! Here’s to the lovely ladies!