Cool toasts. Part 5

Let’s drink to dreams,

Let them come true,

And they never fail,

And will always be accurate!

Let us dream correctly,

And never be discouraged,

May the good surround us all,

And everything is given to us easily!

Friends, today we spend a pleasant and worthy, big friendly company! So let’s toast to the fact that tomorrow will not put a cat in our bag!

Let’s drink to the dream and come true, to work and have a lot of rest, and soul and body in any condition, to return home to relatives and friends.

Let’s always be strong as lions, kind as cats, faithful as dogs, cunning as foxes, quick as hares and cute as squirrels. So let’s drink to that.

I wish each of us that it will always be easy on our hearts. And our pockets were always hard. Here’s to prosperity!

Let it not distort or catch the sickness. Let the bad weather go away. Enjoy life and keep your tail only with a gun!

At home I have a kitchen. The school has a desk. There is grass outside. I have a heart. So let’s drink to the only thing that knocks.

To the fact that life is fun, diverse and with adventures, but safe, this is the main thing! So let’s drink to the future new sensations in our lives!

The reason to drink is different: to a holiday, to the birth of a child, to work achievements and more. And I offer to drink to our friendly company, because it is not distinguished from a holiday: is there a good mood? Yes, it is. Is the company good? It is good! So, what are we pulling? To us, dear friends.

A donkey has learned to fly and fly, but only in his dreams! So let’s toast to the fact that none of us confuse reality with dreams and always correctly calculated our strength!

Let’s drink to the wind,

He usually carries changes,

He also sometimes takes away the words,

And he does not wait for anything in return!

Do not despair. Do not grow old in heart. To be young and eternally drunk. To smile and laugh.

In a good and hearty company, always drunk easily. Let’s drink to make it easy for all of us in the morning. So that a terrible hangover does not come to us!

I wish all of us to never mourn, not to despair and dream more often. Let all our dreams come true!

Let’s drink to make our life like a fairy tale: there is always harmony and comfort, always good conquers evil, and of course, the sea of magic and happiness.