Cool toasts. Part 6

Let our wallets always be stuffed with “cabbage”! That we rest more often abroad and ate red caviar every day.

To peace in the world, to peace, humility and peace.

Let every night we will have a feast and a dinner with friends. And every morning, let it start with a smile, not with a hangover. Here’s to us!

I wish that life intoxicates you with happiness, not with alcohol, love follows you on your heels, and good mood stomped with you side by side! Let’s drink to the fact that everything was great.

I wish that our life was like a good movie with true love, good health and a million dollars! Let’s raise our glasses!

A girl walked down the street in the evening and heard the steps behind her. She looked back and saw a beautiful guy. She looked back for the second time, and he was still following her. She decided that it was worth the wait. She looked back for the third time; the boy was gone.

Let’s drink to make sure that the utility workers do not forget to close the hatches!

Let’s drink to the wise parents of our future children.

Let’s drink to the fact that there is no such thing in the world that one can’t drink to.

Do not grow old in heart, do not hang your nose, measure seven times, count chickens in autumn.

We have only one life, so I wish to live it and not to regret anything. All I wanted to do was to do, to travel where I dreamed, etc.

Let’s drink to make sure that intoxication does not happen to us from alcohol. But from beautiful women, passionate moments and fun!

Here’s to advice not to come from the other world! Let’s drink to common sense, to not getting drunk until you lose your memory! All to the bottom!

Let every day begins with cheerfulness and smiles. The day will be filled with luck and positive. And every evening we will have a fun company and a sounding laugh!

With my brains, yes to my past.

Happy birthday. I wish everything that we wished to come true. I wish that the gifts in the amount of more rubles than the cost of the holiday.

Greetings to the star of this day! It seems that I drank so much for your health that I spoiled mine. Happy birthday!