Cool toasts. Part 7

For the alcoholic beverages are no longer expensive!

It is believed that those who cheerfully celebrated the holidays and drunk, will not go to heaven after death. We celebrate not your first birthday and always had a good time. Let’s drink the birthday boy to you and today. We wish to drink and walk until the fall, because cheerful people will be useful in paradise bushes.

Let every man loved his car not as much as the woman he loved. Although, the car will break down, and the woman will leave. Let’s drink to the fact that such substitutions did not happen.

– You can’t go far on deception,” the guest said, pouring juice into the glass, where vodka has already been poured. Let’s drink to make sure this doesn’t happen!

As they say, born to crawl, can not fly. However, let’s drink to the fact that everyone has the opportunity to fly to the top of success and great mood!

Let’s drink to the unity of the incompatible: as the ice melts in a glass of hot, as warms the cocoa in the ski resort, so we are different and cool together can create a great mix.

Here’s to never getting old. To finally create the same elixir of youth and give away for free. Happiness to all!

I wish that tomorrow with a hangover my head does not hurt, and today. so that no one sleeps in a hug with the toilet! Let’s drink to good health!

To the fact that it was a man who found a way to close a woman’s mouth. He did it with a kiss!

We must drink with you,

For love and for dreams,

So that the hangover will not suffer,

Never despond!

To shine with joy,

The money was to be in bags,

To cry only from onions,

So that they do not know the word “boredom”!

TVs, today, are getting bigger and bigger, and in movies special effects are getting richer, and computer processing is being added to the maximum. I drink so that life repeats the destiny of blockbusters: a bigger budget, more interest – to the maximum and not to forget about the love line.

The world does not stand still, it develops, displacing the old traditions. Let’s drink to the fact that the ringing of glasses never leaves the festive tables, and smiles never come off our faces.

– If there is nothing to do, have a child,” said the mother of five children. Let’s drink to make sure that women still have some work to do. Men will support us!

Let’s drink to the humble, honest and faithful! After all, there are very few of them left!

We have to choose the most ugly woman. Just to avoid being taken away. They will see what is not good, they will spit and leave. And for a beautiful woman you have to stand up, fight, and make a ransom. Well, him! Let’s drink to our loved ones!