Cool toasts. Part 8

I have recently heard such a thing. It means a girl comes to the gynecologist with her grandmother. The doctor offered the girl to go to the gynecologist to take off her clothes and sit down, to which she replied that she brought her grandmother to him. To what the doctor just asked the old lady to show him the tongue, funny, but sad. So let’s drink to each other, a human attitude regardless of gender, nationality and age!

One hundred grams of vodka and cucumber, I will drink to you. So that you will always be good and young. Never be timid, you hit a nail on evil people!

Remember that wonderful time when the sandpiper was an achievement and a great joy? Did your mother eagerly enjoy our incoherent babbling? And, even wet pants, were not a cause for concern? Let’s drink in such a way as to get as close as possible, today, to that happy state.

I raise my glass to our tomorrow,

So that we do not have friends in it badly,

So that everything we drink today,

It has never reminded about itself.

So that in the morning, we could get up normally,

So that our head does not hurt,

So that the mineral is not sought,

Let’s drink to that, dear friends!

Let’s raise our glasses and toast to the fact that the content of our glasses does not prevent us from raising all subsequent glasses to each other’s health.

My friends, in such a festive evening filled with happiness and fun, I want to offer you to fill our glasses to the top, to rise from the place and drink, and then go to the dance. And to repeat all this as long as in our legs there is strength to dance, and in our hearts there is strength to have fun.

When the proud mountain eagle clumsily fell down from a branch of a tall tree, it dropped its dignity on the ground, which was immediately grabbed by a very shoddy ant, and fired into its anthill. After this incident, the eagle ceased to be proud, it became easier, its whole shape became soft, it sentimentally started to cry, looking at the cute little sheep, and could not hunt them. He fed on weed and berries. The eagles ranked him among the holy eagles. Let’s drink to the fact that we do not drop our dignity and that our strength is not enclosed in our pride!

Once my mother comes to her fifth-grader’s room and watches the picture: in front of him on the wall hangs a map of Russia, and the schoolboy is on his knees and says: Lord, please make the Moscow River flow into the Black Sea, as I wrote in the dough!

So let’s drink to God’s mercy to each of us!

I want to drink to that,

So that all was well,

That the cabbage was in the house,

And not the one in the garden!

That all dreams come true,

So that the treasure can be found,

And no one not to share it with,

To make what was said come true!

Let us drink to a dream,

It fills the house with happiness,

It gives joy, silence,

I honestly, I always want to sleep!

I also want to sleep morning, day and night,

I know you want to, too,

So let’s drink to it our friends,

So that you could always be strong enough to sleep!

The world does not stand still, everyone is running somewhere. Let’s drink to our husbands and wives not to run away!

Think how many things could not have happened, if not for an accident. Therefore, I propose to drink to the chance, because with it life is more interesting!

Dear friends, let’s drink to the fact that there would always be a way out of all situations, because the truth is said that the hopelessness of the situation – is when the earth falls on the lid of the coffin, everything else can always be corrected!

To Love, Faith and Hope. May these three women always be with you.

Let’s drink to never get the characteristics “you’re so mimicky”, “you’re so brutal”, but always remain charming and amazing for those we try to charm. For always getting the right impression.