Cool toasts. Part 9

A lot of toasts have already been heard today! We drank already to health, good luck, and love! It’s already hard for me to think what we should drink to! So let’s drink to the ingenuity that helped me come up with this toast :).

Some admirers of inordinate spirits accuse vodka of their own failures, but vodka is not a hindrance to the brain. When it is drunk, the mind does not appear and does not fly away. Vodka is checked to see if there are brains at all. My toast is to reasonable exhortations on proper occasions and without abuse!

It’s time! Wherever you look, everyone complains about life, poor mood, and everything else. Or maybe you need to think, because maybe we ourselves do not let something good into our lives?! Let’s move, otherwise the inspiration one day will come, stand still, and go back. Let’s s smile and move forward – towards happiness!

One day, I was standing at a stop. My uncle came up to me and asked what year it was. So, let’s drink to the fact that our life would be as easy and carefree! Let all problems be solved with the snap of a finger. Here’s to the ease of thought!

Friends, attention, I suggest,

A glass for money to raise us,

Just to be added,

And we did not go for a walk without us!

So that in the morning your wallet was full,

That he was full in the evening,

Currency in it to make it green,

That the course does not scare us anymore!

To To Toad, I will raise my glass,

For the one that sometimes strangles,

Do not let her quack,

Then life will be better too!

Let him sit there in his own swamp,

And let him breathe in solitude,

And let the soul not rub,

Let the peace not be disturbed!

Let’s drink to what others would like us only good! Or at least pretend that they want it! To the fact that if we do not believe them, then pretend to believe! To the eternal game in which there is no winner!

Friends, I suggest you drink to fashion,

Which is slowly driving the world a little crazy,

Yesterday leaving for the market in the morning,

I saw miracles!

Madame on the studs, in a hat, top,

In furs and sports, red pants,

Walked peacefully along the avenue,

And what, that all in shorts, summer, heat!

Let’s drink to that tonight,

We will not become victims of fashion with you,

And to always and everywhere in the weather,

Things on the occasion we choose!

People usually drink either on some fun and festive occasion, or with grief. So let’s raise our glasses to the joyful events for the feast was in our lives, as much as possible, and that we never had to drink with grief!

Once, I saw a girl about 8 years old in the street crying. She was sitting alone and I asked her why she was doing it. Her answer impressed me, ‘I think about the future,'” she said. So let’s drink to the point that when we think about the future, we don’t cry! Let it be cloudless and light.

You know, sometimes you live and everything is fine, but then suddenly it will be fine, nasty and cold rain, and you have no umbrella. Or here you go to your goal and every day as your favorite job, and then bang and ice, and you fall down, break your hand and become so hurt. I propose to drink to the fact that in our lives there would be no bad weather, and if it was drizzling rain, there would always be an umbrella at hand!

They say that you shouldn’t throw words in the wind, because there’s nothing whiter than the wind and it can become so that your own words to you and return. I want to wish our culprit of celebration that he does not forget that it is not worth spitting against the wind, because saliva is not words about which you can pretend not to hear.

Let’s drink to the idlers! Because without laziness, there would never be scientific progress. Let’s drink to them, because it is laziness that distinguishes a real thinker! After all, it is she who lies at the heart of any invention, from the wheel to the washing machine! Let this human quality continues to work for the benefit of our civilization!

I propose to raise our glasses to ingenuity. After all, together with the resourcefulness of our minds, it helps us always find a reason to have fun and relax! And without a normal rest, as we know it is impossible to work well. So let’s drink to a successful rest, which not only stimulates to work, but also gives strength to great achievements!

Friends, I propose to drink to our upcoming hangover! Let it be easy, and painless! I wish everyone to wake up in his bed, with his woman and a healthy head!