Corn maze

Seasonal business is usually quite simple in terms of organization, but with the right approach, such projects can bring significant income and great pleasure from the work done. It is important that your idea was creative and different from others. Then the result will not be long in coming. Business, which will be discussed in this article, will perfectly suit the residents of southern and central regions of our country, because it is in these areas grows great corn, and the project has an interesting and mysterious name “Corn Maze”!

Such an outstanding family entertainment originated in European countries long ago, but in Russia for some reason it has not yet spread, and very in vain. The essence of the project is to organize labyrinthic moves on a large field with corn plantations (area 3 hectares). It turns out to be a kind of a quest, which will be interesting not only for residents of a certain region, but also for tourists.

This idea has many advantages. Firstly, this business is quite simple in terms of organization. Secondly, there are prospects for a quick payback, if everything is done correctly.

From a corn maze you can build a fascinating quest, for example, based on a movie. Participants will investigate, solve puzzles to find a way out and get a storm of vivid emotions.

Cooking the “cart” is necessary, of course, in winter. We should start with renting a suitable plot of land. After that a project of a labyrinth is created. The field can be sown independently, or you can rent already with ready plantings, compensating the farmer for some part of the harvest. Then lanes are laid, equipment for the quest and recreation areas is purchased and an advertising campaign is launched.

In total, about 8000 dollars will be invested. It is necessary to develop several programs of the labyrinth for the target audience of different ages. Disassemble the list of services, including trade in food and picnic products. Do not forget about corporate clients. With the most successful layout really serve up to 1000 people monthly. If you consider the use of related services, the average check will be quite impressive. You can recoup the investment for the season, and next year will only be left to take the field for rent again, because all the equipment for the quest you already have!