Created a fabric for clothing that can replace the air conditioner

The Internet has reported that American researchers from ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces have created a fabric for clothing that can replace air conditioning. This has become a reality due to the use of moisture that evaporates from the skin.

Thus, the new material is based on the process of electrospinning of polyurethane and heat-conducting filler in nanofiber membranes. The membranes themselves, due to the size of the pores, allow sweat to evaporate from the skin, while air continues to circulate. In turn, boron nitride nanoleaves form a network that conducts heat from the inside out. Thus, with the correct design of clothing, the new material will replace the huge air conditioners, because with its help the human body will cope with cooling without the use of consumer electronics. It should be noted that the authors of the study also state that their development can be used not only in the field of personal cooling, but also in desalinated seawater and temperature control of electrical appliances.