Cyberpunk 2077 developers learned about the release postponed simultaneously with gamers

CD Projekt RED little by little begins to overheat the pot of patience gamers – after the recent transfer of Cyberpunk 2077 many “fans” broke to build the developers of the game messages with threats. Negative to the situation adds the fact that most of the studio staff learned about the change of release date at the same time with the players. And there is a good reason for this.

Game Informer journalists contacted their sources inside the Polish studio and tried to understand the case. It turned out that about 90% of Projekt RED CD workers did not know about the change of release date at the time of publication. And it is not that the heads of the studio neglect their personnel. In fact, this is a direct violation of the Polish Labour Code, which prohibits the disclosure of such information to employees if the company employs more than 1000 people. This can only be done if each of them signs a non-disclosure agreement.

The fact is that such information about the internal situation in the company can be used for selfish purposes. Transfer of the game is likely to affect the stock price of the company, and knowing this information in advance, you can get rich. In addition, the source said that at the time of the transfer team sobbed and laughed: all wanted to quickly let gamers play Cyberpunk 2077, on which the developers have spent years, and the realization of this dream again moved to the future.