Dating online: how to make online relationships

Love can be found anywhere and in the most unexpected circumstances. Today, however, more and more people meet each other on the Web. Dating on the Internet is the most accessible and easy way to find a soul mate. This option is especially relevant for citizens who have little free time. That is why a variety of dating sites and services are multiplying and thriving.

What does online dating lead to?

How do I get to know a girl or guy online? There’s nothing simpler. There are many dating sites, and their audience is truly huge. The most famous sites have user accounts in the millions. Every day 2-3 million users include a computer and go to dating sites in search of their soulmate. Many sites turn into social networks, where people do not just look through questionnaires and hope to meet someone – they lead the public, communicate on forums, record podcasts. Such sites are large communities of people’s interests.

How serious are internet dating? There are no exact statistics, because people who met on the Web, do not report on the results of meetings. So you can only rely on survey data, which dating sites regularly conduct among their users.

There are curious statistics claiming that in our country alone, about 400 marriages between people who have met online are registered daily. At the same time, the percentage of divorces among couples who found each other on the Internet is slightly lower than among those who met offline – the difference is about 2%.

There are more than 5000 dating sites in Internet, and their traffic on average increases by 12% per year.

It is worth dispelling several myths about dating sites at once:

Their audience – not just single girls. Men and women on such sites equally.

Dating sites – this is not the last chance for those “who for…”. Half of the visitors to such sites – people aged 18 to 35 years, that is, those whom sociologists call youth.

Internet dating is not only interested in shy people who can not get acquainted with anyone without the help of the site. More than 60% of people at least once in their lives have used the features of such sites, and about 30% are their active users – that is, those who have never tried to get acquainted on the Internet, remain in the minority!

There is nothing surprising in this state of affairs – dating on the Internet has a number of advantages:

On each dating site is registered a huge number of people – from several tens of thousands to several tens of millions. And you can chat with each of them. Even the most sociable people don’t have a couple of hundreds of acquaintances. So the choice on dating sites is much wider than “in reality.”

You can view as many questionnaires and write only to those people who you like and outwardly and – as far as the questionnaire data allow to judge about it – internally. It is possible to choose without haste, to compare and think everything over.

You can start communicating at any time, without making up any pretext to get acquainted, and exactly the same way to stop if it turns out that the person does not suit you.

Internet dating saves time – you don’t have to go on a date with every person you like on the site. You can start chatting online at any convenient time and only then, if sympathy will grow stronger, appoint a personal meeting.

Of course, online dating has disadvantages, which must be remembered:

On dating sites there are not only decent people, but also cheaters. They compose sentimental stories and try to force their online acquaintances to transfer money to them. Remember: Never, under any circumstances, send money to people you don’t really know.

Not all visitors to dating sites are honest – some graft about their external data (graphic editors today knows how to use almost everyone, and many embellish their pictures), work, income and lifestyle, others hide the presence of family. Treat new acquaintances critically – however, this rule also applies offline.

Shortcomings of Internet dating do not scare off users – on the contrary, the traffic of dating sites is growing annually, and sociologists say that today 45% of couples met on the Web. So online dating is a real chance to find your destiny.

Online dating services

Where do internet dating take place? If you decide to search for your love online, you have several options:

Social networks

Originally conceived to communicate and maintain contacts, today social networks are often used for dating. They expand our circle of communication. In social networks the algorithms of dating are as close to real life as possible: you get acquainted with people, communicate with them, maintain interest in your person by means of bright statuses and interesting photos, join thematic communities. Dating in social networks such as Facebook or VKontakte is very comfortable for introverts who feel free in front of the computer screen but get a little lost in personal meetings.


If on dating sites you choose your own applicants by many parameters, then chat roulette is the exact opposite of such resources. Here lonely hearts are connected by a random number generator – you connect to the service and do not know who will be on the other end.

Dating sites

The most convenient and reliable way to start internet dating. The principle of operation of such sites is familiar to everyone, perhaps. You start an account, answer a questionnaire, post your photos, view profiles of other participants, send them messages and respond to offers to get acquainted. Such resources as and, where you can find people of a certain profession, is also interesting.

Approximately 66% of dating site users actively go on dates with virtual fans. And a third prefer a virtual romance to a real one – most often because they are already in a relationship. So if you are interested in a serious relationship, and your new acquaintance hesitates to transfer communication offline – perhaps it’s not a matter of shyness, but in the presence of his family.

How do you meet a girl online?

Here are some tips for those who seek the lady of the heart in the expanses of the Network:

Statistics show that women take the greatest interest in men who use the words “love”, “romance” and “heart” in their own descriptions. Yes, most girls are romantic, and that should be taken into account.

Don’t forget about the pictures, too. Most men choose completely inappropriate photos for the account design: group photos, where it is difficult to find the main character at once, fuzzy and smeared pictures, photos with dark glasses (where you can’t see your face at all). The worst option is party photos where the figurehead is not sober, or photos with former girlfriends. And semi-naked selfies, where the guy shows his abs and biceps, are scary at all. Close-up smiling faces, travel photos, “me and my snowmobile” photos attract much more attention – these are statistics.

Slang, rudeness and spelling mistakes scare away almost 70% of users. Jargon and strong words are better saved for meetings with old friends. This applies to both account registration and personal correspondence.

Show imagination and interest. “Hey, what’s up, you’re cute” – every attractive girl gets dozens of these messages. Find a more original way to start a conversation. Look for clues in her interests, in the pictures. Ask questions, because anyone likes to talk about themselves more than listen to a monologue about someone else’s life.

Do not abuse “sweet” references like “bunny,” “pussy,” “baby. Girls like them only when they come from a loved one, but not from a barely familiar guy on a dating site.

Don’t be intrusive. Do not sleep a girl with messages, do not ask “why are you silent?” 10 times a day and do not go to the insults if she refused to continue dating you. No one here owes anyone anything.

How do you meet a guy on the Internet?

Girls’ self-presentation skills on the Internet are usually a little more advanced, but they also sometimes make mistakes. Even the most attractive ones should follow some rules to increase their chances of serious acquaintance:

Men look at pictures in the profiles of beautiful strangers 65% longer than women. This once again confirms the fact that men love with their eyes. Choose photos that clearly show your smiling face, photos where you’re busy doing what you love to do. Do not use graphic editors and filters to embellish your appearance. Snapshots in lace lingerie on your couch will certainly attract attention, but not the kind you’d like to get – you’re unlikely to be taken seriously.

Ask. Usually people talk more than they listen. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd who are not interested in anyone but themselves! Ask where this picture was taken, what kind of breed his dog is, which of Tarantino’s films is the best if he indicated this director among his favorites. One look at the profile gives a lot of opportunities to have an interesting conversation.

Take the initiative into your own hands. Guided by the principle “a girl should be proud and unavailable”, visitors to dating sites sit and wait for someone to get interested in them. But such resources are equal, and if you do not write to anyone, you miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Don’t be intrusive. If a guy doesn’t answer his messages, then he can’t or won’t do it. A decade of appeals won’t change anything.

Boys and girls alike must not forget that virtual dating, like real dating, takes time and emotional investment. The task of the dating site is to bring two people together, but everything else happens the same way as offline. Show attention and interest to each other, do not disappear for a long time, use the possibilities of video chats and, finally, do not delay with development.

Which service to choose to start a serious relationship

“There are a lot of dating sites, at first glance they are similar, but the reputation of all different – says the expert site – There is a pattern: the older the site, the more people there, but also more con artists. Those who are looking for adventure for one night, girls of easy behavior, advertising their services, and just jokers who came to curiosity. Is it worth looking for your love on such resources? There is always a chance, but the risk of disappointment too. If you are interested in where and how to get acquainted with a girl or guy on the Internet, look for relatively new sites, preferably those where you have to pay for some functions – the cost is small, but this fact alone sifts out a lot of unreliable visitors.

Serious internet dating, which subsequently leads to a strong relationship, is based on similar interests. This rule applies both on the Web and in real life. The more you have in common, the better your chances for a long and happy life together. That is why we have created a dating service that allows you to select candidates based on their profession. Colleagues always have a lot to talk about! The audience of our site – young successful professionals who have achieved a lot in their work and now want to find the same successful satellites of life.