Did you order an erotic dream? Get it!

As a rule, we don’t see in our dreams what we’d like to see. And how nice it would be if we could order our dreams, like a movie! If you wanted to dream about blondes all night, you were welcome, if you wanted to fly to outer space or visit other worlds, no problem!

Alas, usually the opposite happens: instead of distant galaxies you dream about a native dumpster in the yard, and instead of a blonde in a bikini – about a nasty lady from the accounts department. Alas, you sigh, waking up in a cold sweat – the area of sleep is beyond human control… But is it really so?

It turns out that you can still order your own dreams. Managing the development of the plot of dreams is taught by many ancient practices – Tibetan, shamanic, the Aborigines of Australia, Indians and Malaysians.

There are also modern methods. For example, Howard Rheingold, a doctor of psychology at Stanford, described a case in which one of his patients, a musician by profession, was able to induce the desired dream. It began with the musician’s desire to get rid of his fear of performing. Several times before going to sleep, he, on Dr. Rheingold’s advice, relaxed, immersed himself in a state of self-hypnosis, concentrated his attention on the desire to dream, in which he calmly, without fear, performed in front of a large audience. On the third day of the experiment, he experienced a conscious dream in which he performed a recital in a large hall. Now this lucky man watches dreams at will.

The fact that dreams can be ordered also claims Rheingold’s colleague at Stanford, the psychophysiologist Stefan Laberge, who has developed his own methodology of “waking dreams” that allows you to interfere with the natural course of a dream and make adjustments to the plot.

For those who would like to learn to dream at will, there are general guidelines:

First, the conditions under which the journey into the realm of Morpheus begins are of great importance. It is known that in uncomfortable conditions a person is more likely to have nightmares, so you should not even try to order a pleasant dream if you, for example, sleep in hiking conditions or in a hotel.

Second, you should choose a night when you are not too tired to manage sleep. In addition, a mandatory condition – no sleeping pills or alcohol, because both fog up the creature. But it is very good if before going to bed you get a massage or take a warm bath.

Before going to bed, you should sit down with your eyes closed and imagine what you want to see. The picture should be imagined in as much detail as possible, with many details. Only such “imprinted” images come back in a dream from the cocktail of daytime impressions. Next, you have to draw up a dream scenario. And if you have succeeded in doing all this and have been able to watch such a “movie” for at least ten minutes while staying in a borderline state between sleep and reality, then you can say that the training has been a success. (By the way, they say that it is best to train with erotic fantasies,)

However, even successful completion of all stages does not guarantee complete success – as a result, you can easily… fall asleep in a dead sleep without any dreams. But with persistence, such exercises will lead you to your goal.

Well, if you’re too lazy to master such techniques, you’ll have to wait a little. Technological progress does not stand still – recently, the Japanese firm Takara Co managed to create a device called “Dream Workshop”, which allows you to order a “program of shows” for the night.