Diet from cottage cheese for weight loss

Dieticians and fitness trainers often prohibit alcohol, sweets and muffins from their clients, but even the strictest dietician will not ban cottage cheese. This product is one of the most popular among fans of a healthy lifestyle, athletes and people who want to lose weight. Diet on cottage cheese has helped more than one woman to clasp her favorite jeans or dress up with a prom dress. And yet take your time running to the nearest supermarket for skim curd: this diet has rules, risks and pitfalls.

Diet Features

Diet on cottage cheese is a way to lose weight quickly. It is used to “dry out” or to lose 3 to 7 pounds in a short time. The main product will be cottage cheese – most often nonfat, but it is not necessary to eat a diet on cottage cheese.

To quickly lose weight, you need to follow a simple principle: to provide the body with protein with a minimum amount of calories. A cottage cheese diet is the best way to do this; it assumes that you will eat protein-rich but lightweight cottage cheese in the morning and at lunchtime. But even if you have dinner right before you go to bed, the curd menu is easy to digest and won’t fall off on your hips.

So that the curd does not get bored and there is no shortage of nutrients, the diet system allows you to use different supplements. The main thing is that they are natural: vegetables, fruits, nuts, honey. However, there is a strict menu option, assuming that the only additive will be kefir. However, the duration of this diet is short.

Advantages and disadvantages of the curd diet

It is believed that cottage cheese helps to reduce calories and burn fatty tissue. Indeed, this product is very useful, it contains many vitamins and minerals: magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamins of group A, B, E, P. Each of these elements is vital for the body, not to mention proteins! But there is a nuance: all these advantages are more related to ordinary domestic, not skimmed cottage cheese, while advertising and food producers are trying to sell skimmed cottage cheese. And most slimming recipes require nonfat foods.

First, most useful components, including vitamins and amino acids, so necessary for our body – fat-soluble. That’s why, when a manufacturer processes curd mass to remove fat from it, useful components are removed from food along with fats.

Secondly, the fats themselves are valuable components. Infringement of the balanced composition of the product leads to its worst absorption: for lack of calcium fats and phosphorus are simply not absorbed. In general, this is not a problem when there are other sources of phosphorus and calcium, but the peculiarities of the diet for weight loss are such that you are likely to have no other source of minerals. Unless you take them in capsules. So it’s sly or unconscious exaggeration to talk about the special benefits of skimmed cottage cheese. Its benefits are limited to a sense of saturation and a reduction in waist size.

However, it is not so simple with the waist volume: having dropped the excess pounds in 3 days or 2 weeks, you will gain them again in time. Ruthless medical statistics say that only 13% of people who lose weight on a diet retain their weight. The rest of them will get fat again, or even gain more weight than they did when they cut their menus.

All quick decisions are short-lived. If you need to lose a few pounds in 3 days at any cost, a curd diet will help. But for the lost kilos not to come back after that, you need to get off your diet wisely, balance your diet and exercise at least three times a week. However, if you balance your diet, go in for sports, get some sleep and give up alcohol, you will lose weight without any curd diet. Unless it happens so quickly, but you don’t have to worry about the results either!


Hypersensitivity to lactose. If you cannot eat dairy products without an eating disorder, the curd diet is not for you.

Reduced hemoglobin, iron deficiency anemia. Sitting on a strict diet when your body needs a nutritious diet is a sure way to make the anemia worse when your hair starts to fall out.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding period. Restrictions on food during this period can cause irreparable harm to both mother and child.

Chronic diseases of the digestive system. If you can tell from your own experience which gastroenterologist in town is the best, this is probably the doctor who gave you nutritional advice. Keep to them, or at least coordinate with your doctor.

If you have any acute diseases. The period of illness is not a good time to limit yourself to eating; it is a time when your body needs enhanced nutrition to recover. Correct your diet only after consulting your doctor.

Curd diet options

There are many options for a curd diet, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Try without having to resort to rigid versions of the diet that are designed for 3-5 days, as they create stress for the body. This can lead to digestive problems and the development of ‘addictive’ diets in the future, when even a very limited diet will not reduce weight.


If for some reason you need to lose a few kilos, you can stop at the most ascetic version of the curd diet, but the restrictions should not last longer than 5 days. Most people choose 3 days. The recipe is as harsh as any monodiet: you can only eat 500 grams of skimmed curd and drink a liter of kefir per day. This portion is divided into 5 meals, and over the kefir with curd you can not eat anything, but you can drink clean water, broth of rosehip, green tea without sugar. Once a day you can pamper yourself with a cup of coffee or black tea without sugar. You have to forget the word “sugar” for these three days. It’s a strict option for fast weight loss, but you can choose a less strict curd diet.

Cream and Vegetable

It is a softer version of the diet for weight loss, it is designed for 14 days. The daily portion is 300 grams, but you can eat up to 500 grams of vegetables: carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini. Products are eaten separately: for breakfast and lunch – nonfat cottage cheese without additives, for the second breakfast, afternoon and dinner – vegetables. It is important to drink enough liquid: from 2 to 3 liters per day. You can drink not only water or broth of herbs, but also weak coffee or tea without sugar.

It is best to eat vegetables fresh, but if they are tired or just do not seem too appetizing in the raw form, you can bake them in the oven or put out. The main thing is not to add spices and salt. Optionally: prepare the salad without salt, but with the addition of vegetable oil. You can eat all vegetables, including exotic, the only exception is potatoes. It is not compatible with this diet, and it is not even that potatoes will not contribute to weight loss: in combination with the curd menu it will lead to digestive problems.

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This menu option is available for 5-7 days. The cottage cheese portion per day is 400 grams, and in nonfat cottage cheese you need to add wheat bran, pre-cooked in boiling water. You can also add fruits, berries, honey. In the morning and evening, you should drink a glass of ryazhenka or kefir.

There is another version of a fruit diet: the cottage cheese and apple diet. The daily menu includes 200 grams of nonfat cottage cheese, 2 kg of apples of green varieties, a liter and a half of water or unsweetened tea. All this is divided into 5 portions, but you should not eat so long – not more than a couple of days. It is a good solution for a unloading day, but not for a long-term diet.

Diet withdrawal rules

Getting off a diet is a critical phase that can either consolidate the effect or lead to digestive disorders and rapid weight gain. Let’s say you’ve been on a diet for at least 3 days. When the last day is over, do not rush to the fridge for a cutlet and chocolate, but add carbohydrates to the diet gradually. If you’ve been sitting on the same buttermilk and cottage cheese, you’ll have to add 20 grams of carbs a day. Otherwise, they’ll all turn into adipose tissue, not energy.

In addition, carbohydrates are not buns and cakes, but buckwheat, fruits and vegetables. Add them to your diet gradually. Muffins, sweets and alcohol are best left out for 2 months – this is ideal. But since holidays, anniversaries, corporate parties, weddings can come between you and the desire for an ideal, try to survive without sweets and alcohol for at least a month. It is necessary not to gain lost weight immediately. Also, to support the result, you should arrange weekly unloading days – for this apple-cake version of the diet will suit.

It happens that the food restriction does not have the desired effect. You’ve been sitting on a hard monodie for a week, and the scales show the same figures. There could be several reasons. One is endocrine system disease. For example, if you have metabolic syndrome, and you are not taking or taking medication, food restrictions alone will not help to normalize your weight. The second possible cause is “addiction”. In people who have too often eaten restricted foods, the body stops losing weight over time with another diet. Finally, do not try to increase the length of the dietary period if you have not lost weight in a few days. Prolonged curd monodyet can be harmful to the kidneys.