Diet without starvation: 5 best porridges for weight loss

Porridge is very useful and those who do not eat porridge lose a lot. Of course, we are in no way talking about instant porridge, the benefits of which – zero. Unprocessed cereals are useful and of dietary value. They are the ones that dampen the appetite and saturate it well. It is these porridges are digested for 3-4 hours, so they quench the feeling of hunger well, it is shown to those who can not bear the feeling of hunger to lose weight on such porridges.

Also, porridges made of untreated cereals normalize blood sugar levels, so they are useful for those who suffer from diabetes. And they also saturate the body with B vitamins, a lot of minerals, plant proteins.

The best slimming porridges…






It is best not to cook the groats, but to pour boiling water, hot mineral or kefir at night. This will keep all the nutrients in porridge as much as possible and will achieve better results in slimming.

You can lose 4-6 kilos on a buckwheat diet in just one week. A huge plus – porridge can be eaten without restrictions, on the first hungry call of the stomach. The main thing is to exclude salt, sauces and spices.

The system of slimming on rice is built so that the intestines are perfectly cleaned, freeing you from excess weight, which means the effect of diet is definitely there and, as practice proves, on a rice diet you can lose up to 1 kg per day.

Wheat porridge perfectly regulates your metabolism. Reduces cholesterol levels, removes toxins.

This porridge is also called “food of beauty”, as it has a positive effect on the standing of hair, skin and nails.

Because of its “mucous” consistency, oatmeal porridge, as a brush cleans our body of toxins and has an antimicrobial effect;

somehow unfairly overlooks the delicious pearl. But it is possible to prepare dishes of almost restaurant level from pearl groats, for example, perlottos – delicious and healthy.

Oatmeal is good in that it helps to burn fats and purify the body quickly, in just 7-10 days. They provide a large amount of energy. And if you cook stewed vegetables for porridge, it is an indispensable source of fiber.

Cook porridge more often and be healthy!