Diets and astrology: what type of diet suits different Zodiac signs

Not all people eat the same diet. Some people can’t imagine life without breakfast, while others easily skip it. Astrologers believe that this is not just a matter of habit. It turns out that the sign of the zodiac, under which a person is born, also affects eating habits.


An impulsive sign starts a diet with great fervor, but can quit it without success. It’s important not to limit yourself too much so that the diet doesn’t seem like torture. Add more fiber and protein to your diet to keep you strong throughout the day.


These are true foodies. They will not eat bland food for the sake of losing weight. It is important to introduce variety into the diet and learn how to prepare healthy dishes. Give yourself the opportunity to eat your favorite foods from time to time.


Rigid rules don’t suit Gemini. This is a flexible sign of the Zodiac, whose tastes change depending on their mood. Intuitive eating suits Gemini. Listen to yourself, adjust your schedule and reduce your portion sizes.


It is extremely important not to eat on the go. Every meal should be relaxed. Disconnect from the world while you eat. This will make digestion easier. Create a comfortable environment while eating.


Leo’s see food as a celebration. They prefer exceptionally gourmet dishes. At the same time, the table should be well served. Make sure that there are healthy dishes on the table.


Virgo men have a good sense of their bodies. They are well aware of the benefits and harms of the foods they consume. Trust your gut. Stay focused while eating.


Libras are prone to balance. They are not accustomed to overeating. Representatives of this sign easily stick to a meal schedule and choose balanced products. The expert advises to be less critical and get rid of the division of foods into bad and good.


It’s important for Scorpios to help their bodies convert food into energy. Add fermented foods rich in probiotics and fiber to your diet. Don’t get hung up on the detox diet.


This is a volatile sign that is not serious about its diet. It is worth examining the effects of foods on the nervous system. For example, add foods rich in magnesium to your diet. If you feel sluggish, eat more fruits and vegetables.


Slow Capricorns strive for sustainability in the long run. They choose protein foods that are rich in nutrients. It is important to eat more bone-strengthening foods such as nuts, red fish, and leafy vegetables.


Aquarians know exactly what their body needs. Make sure there’s no TV running in the room while you’re eating.


Pisces need freedom in eating. Eat what you want and when you want. Try to ask your body before a meal if you are really hungry.