Difference Between Rich and Poor: How Successful People View the World

The main secret of wealth is not at all a special method of making money, successful businessmen are sure. It’s just that their outlook on life is different from the way others look at it. So what is the difference between the worldview of the poor and the rich?

A millionaire can be identified not only by the round sum in the bank. He will have a completely unique mindset. Not like the poorer people around him. That’s the conclusion reached by Steve Siebold, the owner of a millionaire’s fortune. For several years he collected information on how successful businessmen think and act. The result was the bestseller “How Rich People Think. In this article, we will tell you the main ideas from this book.

So, the rich believe that:

  1. Money is a right, not a privilege

In capitalist states, everyone has the right to become rich. Anyone who figures out how to benefit those around him can get rich. Not just a select few “cream of society,” as most people think. The author argues that this is why someone waits his whole life for a lucky coincidence, but never waits. And someone just works every day with the certainty that it will bring income. And so it happens.

  1. To get really rich is possible only with your own business

Yes, starting your own business is a big risk. But so is working for someone else. It’s no safer than a business, Seabold writes. After all, he who works for himself, has more opportunities to find an additional source of income in case of need. And that’s the only way to realize your potential. And this is very important for enterprising and ambitious people. Only such individuals are not afraid to take risks and start successful companies. While others receive a small, albeit stable salary, they make millions. It is better to take risks than to live with a lack of money all the time, the author is convinced.

  1. You can’t achieve success without ingenuity

According to Seabold, high grades in school are not as important as good gumption. Many people believe you have to be good at school. But if straight A’s could make you rich, all straight A’s would become billionaires. What really matters is not how many things you can memorize from school, but how you use your knowledge. Intelligence, common sense, and an unconventional approach are all more useful than academic success.

  1. Business is a team effort

Sometimes it seems that all multibillion-dollar corporations owe their success solely to one person. But only the born-again businessmen understand that it is always the result of the work of an entire team. According to Steve Siebold, to get rich, you need to have the right environment. It must include talented people who can help bring the boldest ideas to life.

  1. Making money is easy

People with a “poor” mentality believe that every penny must come from hard work, the author writes. Allegedly the rich are always more educated, smarter and, most importantly, luckier than the rest of us. But they have no special secret. Those who managed to make a lot of money simply got rid of limiting beliefs. They generated ideas and solved problems. The better the solutions, the more useful they were, that’s all.

  1. It is necessary to think creatively

Those who think that long hours of hard work lead to wealth are not quite right, says Siebold. The linear approach (the more you work, the more you earn) will not do. It is important to find a non-linear, extraordinary solution to a familiar problem, your own creativity. Therefore it is necessary to develop creative thinking.

  1. Money gives freedom

Contrary to popular misconception, wealth is not a limiting factor. On the contrary, it is a source of limitless possibilities, Siebold notes in the pages of his book. As a rule, the more one hates money, demonizes it and considers it unimportant, the less one earns. But those who understand the value of money and see it as a resource for expanding freedom are able to increase their income.

  1. You can’t work for money

Despite the previous point, working only for money is not a good strategy, Steve argues. The main thing is self-expression. You should not look for the highest-paying job, but the most promising. Such where you can realize your potential, open up and grow. Only by investing all of yourself in the business, you can make it not only profitable, but also an interesting hobby.