Do men need to shave their armpits

Male body hair is a bright signal of testosterone action, and for a long time it was considered a sign of male attraction. But cultural demands on the male body have changed dramatically in recent years.

Today’s appearance is valued above all grooming, and men’s bodies are no exception. So should men shave their armpits, if initially the hair in this area of the body was intended by nature to retain the scent attractive to women? In the opinion of doctors, excessive armpit vegetation is not safe in terms of infections. Hair allows moisture to accumulate in the armpits, thus creating a breeding ground for microbes.

In terms of smell, unshaven armpits sweat more intensely than smooth armpits, which increases bacterial activity and faster leads to unpleasant “scent”. Hair removal significantly reduces the likelihood of significant microbial growth, thereby more effectively protecting against repulsive odors.

But at the same time, hair on this part of the body turns out to be a kind of filter that prevents dust and other undesirable substances from entering the lymph nodes. That’s why, according to the doctors,

When it comes to shaving your armpits, you need to consider your individual performance, as hair removal is quite capable of provoking unhealthy reactions such as allergies, dermatological problems.

Optimal for men can be shortening the length of the hair with scissors and control the freshness of the armpits, experts believe.