Do you know what you want from life? What to do when stagnation in life?

Often we don’t know exactly what we want from life. It’s like doing something, trying, fussing, working. But everything is not the same. You’re tired of life and you don’t really want anything. Everything has become tired, and you have lost the last landmarks, optimism and desire to live. Sometimes everything in life seems to be okay. Not better than the others, but normal. There is an average job, some relationships, some money and a certain life. But it’s depressing, depression by the throat, and a smile has become rare. Every new day is like the previous day, as if it were a groundhog day. What is this nonsense?

I’m in a hurry to “please” you. Many adults have a similar problem. As if there is no bright future at all. “There is no future. Earlier, as a child, there was always something bright, unknown ahead. Life! But now I know exactly what will happen afterwards – the same thing as today. I’ll do the same thing, go to restaurants the same, well, to others the same. Driving a car is about the same. Instead of the future, there is the present, it’s just the present, which is now, and the present, which will be later. And the main thing is that I like my present.

The cars are good, the restaurants are delicious… only, the future is a pity…” What do men talk about? Why don’t you want anything in life? First, you have to find the reason for the lack of desires and happiness. Why are you sad? What is the root of stagnation and lack of goals? This will be the key to solving the problem. You have been forced to make a choice. You were pressured by your parents, friends and circumstances. As a result, you were imposed desires, hobbies, university, specialty, profession, work and further life. But this was not your personal choice. Maybe it is time to reflect on your preferences? You go against desires. You do what you have to do, not what you really want to do. You’re like a machine that does programmed work. You have too much control over life and are afraid to make a mistake. You hope that if you do everything “right”, life will turn out well.

But it doesn’t work, and you’re unhappy. Try to follow your wishes, not give them up. You try to be too perfect. You are a real perfectionist. You have overestimated requirements for yourself and life. You are not satisfied with the average success, and you want to be the winner of life at 100%. As a result, there is dissatisfaction with life when it does not work out the way you wanted. Do not scold yourself. Sometimes it is enough to realize that you are not so bad. You are afraid of the future. You are very afraid to be unsuccessful. It makes you live in a utopian world, keep away from everything new, try to do half as much as you can, avoid responsibility, envy other people, and swim with the current. Such a life is very grey, ordinary and boring.

Try to challenge the future, the problems and yourself. You will enjoy this courage. You’re too exhausted. All your moral and physical resources are exhausted. You’re under pressure and stress. When resources are at a minimum, joy, positive emotions and the taste of life disappear. You need to sleep, rest, feel sorry for yourself and give yourself a timeout. What to do when life is stagnant and boring? You have lost contact with your true needs, desires and values. You have forgotten to listen to yourself. You have stuck your dreams and goals so deeply that you cannot even recognize them. Think about what will make you a little happier. Ask yourself the following questions:

What’s interesting in life? What will make you smile? What brings back pleasant feelings and memories? What will revive your emotions and awaken your courage? What do you want to do? Who do you imagine yourself in your fantasies? What are your favorite hobbies and hobbies? Who do you envy and whom do you want to look like? What goals do you want to achieve? What do you dream about and dream about? What do you want to change for a more fulfilling life? What to do when you do not know what to do? Find life signs in the form of new or forgotten goals. Try something fresh. Get new impressions, emotions, acquaintances. Every day depends on you. Only you can make yourself happy. Do you know what you want from life? It’s hard to achieve something if you don’t know what you want. It’s time to find out empirically. This means getting information through observation or experiment.