Do you think it is possible to survive without love?

Love. Just a word, but how much it means in every person’s life! Love is different, it can be experienced by the opposite sex, child, parents, friends and even a pet – all this is one feeling, but how many branches there are in it!

Rarely, when a person’s life is so empty that there is absolutely no love in it, we certainly feel such feelings, albeit not always in such a form as described in French novels.

However, the issue of our article concerns exactly one specific direction – love for the opposite sex. Is it possible to live without the other half? How can one live without love at all? Is it possible to live without love at all? It is quite. “But what’s the point of living like this?” – would be fervently questioned by all the romanticists and lovers of our planet.

Unfortunately, situations in life when a person does not manage to meet “his” half and experience all the delights of love relationships, not infrequent. There can be many reasons – the sad experience of youth, unrequited feelings, betrayal and betrayal by a loved one, and so on.

And the result is the same – we are disappointed and stop believing in miracles, closing all their heartfelt feelings on a large barn castle. And even if the desire to love arises again – to do it is much harder.

The principle of substitution

Every person’s life goes through a certain scenario: study, work, meetings, career, travel. Everyone chooses what he likes and sees as a priority, we set new goals and objectives, each time trying to get as close as possible to their implementation.

When the place of love in life is empty, it is often filled with other areas and activities: we load ourselves with new and new work, trying to achieve a brilliant career, actively participate in social activities, in short, trying to maximize the occupancy of their soul and body. And I must say, often such a plan works!

A man or woman burdened with an endless string of things rarely feel a lack of love, they just don’t have time for it! It turns out that to live without love – quite real, especially if the person himself wants it. And I must say that in this you can even find its advantages!

Such a life becomes more even and calm, there are no reckless actions based on a momentary wave of feeling, it is rational and planned, everything is done gradually and exactly as you have planned. And I must say, there is such an interesting pattern: if you are not looking for love, it will definitely find you yourself. And here another story will begin.

Marriage without love

Many of my mother’s girls have been taught since childhood: if you want to be happy, you must marry for love! Only with such a feeling in your heart you can build a real strong family, full of harmony and warmth. But years go by, and all-absorbing feelings, for which you are ready to throw yourself into the whirlpool of emotions, never appeared on the horizon.

But there is a man with whom you have been friends for a long time, he has repeatedly hinted at you about his serious feelings, he cherishes you and is ready to marry, everything is fine, that’s just what is called “love”, you absolutely do not feel for him. And yet you decide to start a family with him, because he is a reliable support and protection, a wonderful family man and just a great person with whom you feel good and relaxed.

Can such a marriage be happy? Let’s rewind a few centuries of our history: most marriages were contracted, for financial or social benefit, often married and got to know each other on their own wedding day, what are the feelings here?

Nevertheless, many of these marriages existed until the death of the brides, and many even managed to feel quite happy and prosperous. It turns out that things are even simpler if you already have half of the business done – even if you are not crazy lovers, but respect and value each other. It turns out that such marriages, without love and, to some extent, by calculation, have many advantages and advantages!

It is no secret that love is a floating feeling. It can flare up a bright flash and completely extinguish, or constantly smouldering, maintaining the flame of relations, but not to give special colors. Over time, feelings of love dullen, in the foreground comes friendship, mutual respect, habit, farming together and so on. At that very moment. When love disappears, the relationship faces an acute crisis that even the strongest couples are not always able to survive. And when there is no burning emotions and love from the beginning, there will be no crisis, which means that this marriage is much more stable, which is very important.

No jealousy. When you build a relationship based not on love, jealousy is a rare companion, because when a person does not love, he is not very afraid of rivals or rivals. And how many strong relationships destroyed exactly this hateful and insidious feeling, which sometimes so difficult to control!

The lack of “pink glasses.” When you love a person so much, you see in him one dignity – he is so sweet, kind, beautiful, strong, caring and so on. But when love gradually subsides, your eyes open and you can see that even your loved one is an ordinary man with his weaknesses and strange things that for some reason were not noticed before. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to put up with such “weaknesses”, as a result of which fire feelings begin to fade. But without love, everything is different – you know from the very beginning what you are going to do and what you agree with.

By agreeing to live together without love, each person must clearly understand what he can learn from this relationship and what will remain lost forever. Living without love is real, but only if the partners have at least a sense of spiritual intimacy and banal compatibility of characters.

Otherwise, such a union is very unlikely to be doomed to a happy existence. And remember, true love – not always flashes quickly, as once it is often slow to emerge, transformed and enriched, only over time, evolving into a beautiful and strong sense of two people.