Dominican Republic will introduce e-visa and QR code: what you need to know about them

In the Dominican Republic, a single electronic questionnaire will be introduced for tourists.

According to the Minister of Tourism David Coliado, the implementation of this form is the result of cooperation of various government agencies, which take into account the need to transition to contactless technology and seek to simplify migration procedures by combining three documents into one.

Besides, the new form will allow tracking information about the entry and exit of passengers from the country in real time.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Tourism, it is necessary to implement the technological development of the digital form in such a way that the questionnaire would consolidate all the information previously contained in the document:

International Travel Card (migration service document);

Customs declaration;

Traveler’s Medical Certificate.

It should be noted that the form will be available through a link on the website of electronic tickets and must be completed before the migration control stage.

After filling in a QR code is sent to the passenger, which will be scanned by the authorities at the port of entry or by the airlines at the check-in for the flight.

The application form can be filled in at any time from the moment of purchase of the air ticket and up to the migration service.

It should be added that in the period from November 29, 2020 till January 1, 2021 the authorities of the Dominican Republic will serve two types of registration documents: current ones on the physical carrier and the new electronic form. And from January 2021, the digital form will be the only and mandatory one.