Don’t teach me how to live, better help me financially

How many times have you heard this phrase from people who did not want to listen to advice or solutions. Such people do not need a clue, and for them you have to do all the work. Nobody wants to learn how to fish, and serve everyone ready. Don’t teach me how to live, would you rather help me financially? Go to the forest idlers, idlers and lazybones. It is time to get used to the fact that no one will work for you and try.

Where did this famous expression come from? “Don’t teach me how to live, it’s better to help financially,” said heroine Irina Muravyeva in the film “Moscow doesn’t believe in tears. The expression “Don’t teach me to live”, the first part of the quote, appeared in the novel “The Twelve Chairs” by Ilf and Petrov.

This phrase was said by another colorful character under the name of Ellochka, an ogre. The expression was included in the list of 30 words that the heroine of the novel used. The nickname “ogre” is given to Ellochka as a comparison with a native tribe, which had 10 times more vocabulary. In response to useful tips and articles, we often hear that we need specific answers. People need a concrete plan of action, detailed in terms of point and comma. How many times we have heard this, but were perplexed by the answer. Everyone asks for a wish, as if they had met a goldfish or a magic gin.

“Don’t teach me how to live, it’s better to help financially!” “How to earn a million without doing anything?” “How can a girl like me much better without efforts?” Nobody wants to hear advice, make an effort or improve themselves. Everybody wants to get a million dollars at once, and dragging chestnuts out of the fire for them will be different. It’s time to grow up and look adult life in the eyes. Pink glasses are always beating the glasses inside, bringing naive man intolerable pain. Free of charge only happens in a mousetrap, and for the well-being and happiness must be fought. Dreaming is good, but you will not be fed up with dreams alone. Someone should try, make efforts and work. But who is this unknown character? You! What do I want to say to you harsh, unpleasant, but useful?

I can give you a fishing rod, but I cannot fish for you every day. I can give advice, but I cannot accept it and do it for you. I can warn you about future mistakes, but I can’t bypass them for you. I can motivate you, but I can’t be sure for you. I can show you the way, but I can’t go all the way for you. I can tell about the powers that be, but I can’t get a reputation for you. I can tell about success, but I can’t be successful for you. I can teach a lot, but I can’t work and try instead of you.

I can tell about the business, but I can’t lead it for you. I can talk about courage, but I can’t be brave and brave for you. I can teach you the right things, but I cannot make you believe and do them. I can tell about getting to know girls, but I cannot do it for you. I can show you the way to happiness, but I can’t be happy for you. Don’t teach me how to live, would you rather help me financially? Are you serious? If you need something and can’t cope, you have to learn. First of all, start learning from the smarter, stronger, more experienced and better. Look for your teachers, mentors, educators, idols, teachers, leaders.

Do your self-development, not ask for handouts. Can you help with money? Money will not solve your problems, which you spend very quickly. It is more important to get knowledge, experience and skills, the lack of which does not allow you to achieve more. Has it been a year already that you have signed up for publicity in social networks for success? Do you read useful and motivational articles every day?

Did you go to lectures on business coaching, life coaching and personal growth training? Very highly motivated, ready to earn a million dollars and enjoy life, but nothing happens? It is not necessary to teach me how to live? Do you have any idea why? “Laziness has no masterpieces! – said Salvador Dali, an artist. We can give you 10500 tips that you will forget right after reading the article and the likes in the social network. The whole problem of all modern people is that they rely on the neck of others.

They expect to sit on the neck and take a ride, receiving a prize with other people’s hands. But nobody wants to work, try and make efforts. Everyone is looking for an easy way, luck, free and luck. Any valuable advice thrown into barren soil will not work. But if the soil is fertile and grateful, everything will work out. The seeds will give the harvest for which everyone expects so. Advice and experience help only hardworking people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Now all the Belarusians who are sniffing out work, but are looking for a tricky way to succeed. While some are counting on luck, dreaming, fantasizing and waiting for a handout, others are working. The first remain with nothing, and the second achieve their goals.

Do not teach me how to live, it is better to help financially. No, kid. This does not happen. Nothing will happen on a platter with a blue tile until you put something there yourself. The main problem of modern people is that they are highly motivated, but low skilled and lazy. No one has ever replaced good, hard work and real work. Without diligence, one cannot achieve something. It is not necessary to teach me how to live? We have to, Vasya, we have to! Do not ask successful, intelligent, wise, strong, enterprising and rich people: “Help me materially! It is better to ask to teach me how to live. You do not need fish, but a rod and the ability to use it.