Drink alone

Drinking alone is boring and bad, but only if you don’t know how to do it. How do you consume alcohol alone and enjoy it tremendously? Why should one drink alone sometimes? “Nature demands that man occasionally go into a state of oblivion, but not sleep; hence the custom of smoking tobacco, drinking alcoholic beverages…” Johann Wolfgang Goethe The Russian writer and poet Fazil Iskander asserted, “He who drinks alone clinks with the devil.” But the writer was referring only to those who consume alcohol heavily and regularly. By the way, clinking glasses scares away unclean forces, it was believed in ancient times. But it is normal and even useful to drink, sometimes, alone. Why? It allows you to enjoy the taste of alcohol, to think well and to enjoy life.

How to drink alone, not be sad and have a good time? Drinking Alone Putting on Music Drinking alone and in silence is sometimes boring. Consuming alcohol, with good music, will allow you to have a great time and get a taste of high quality alcohol. With quality drinks of whiskey, cognac or brandy is suitable classical music in the style of jazz or other works of the “old school”. Some people drink alone to sad music. Sometimes it makes you depressed and sometimes it pulls you out of it. Reflect to alcohol “There is wisdom in wine, there is freedom in beer, there is bacteria in water” Benjamin Franklin Alcohol, though it clouds the mind, sometimes gives great ideas. Reflect on your life and plans for the future. Loneliness and alcohol can provide an incredible jolt of insight. Ideas and solutions become simple and answers become clear. Write down your thoughts in a notebook or electronic device. Alcohol can serve as a sword and cut the Gordian knot of problems in one fell swoop. Maybe it’s time to have a few drinks by yourself.

Try making a cocktail You can drink vodka, beer, or cognac. But consuming pure alcohol is not as interesting as not trying to make cocktails. Proofread a couple of recipes for making a cocktail, depending on the ingredients you have. Maybe you’ll make your own great recipe that you’ll then treat your friends and girlfriends to. One that will knock your friends off their feet and spread the girls’ legs? You’ll be sure to come up with an awesome name for it.

Creating with alcohol When drinking alone, it’s good to be creative. Think of yourself as the new Hemingway and start writing a book. Or maybe start painting or doing other creative work. Alcohol unlocks your inner potential and gives you food for development in creativity. Muses just love a little tipsy genius. It’s time to drink alone! Read to alcohol Reading good books or magazines will brighten up your leisure time. A good book, good alcohol, and good solitude. A glass of wine or whiskey will help you enjoy reading and feel closer to the creative intelligentsia. That’s what many distinguished people who drink a little alone have done.

Enjoy solitude and alcohol Some people don’t understand why people, sometimes, drink alone. It may be their friend, girlfriend, acquaintance and seek advice from a psychologist. But everything is much simpler and at the same time more complicated. Alone drinkers are looking for answers to questions that have no easy answers. Sit in a comfortable chair with a glass of alcohol and look at the fire in the fireplace, the falling leaves, the coming rain, a beautiful sunset, the darkness of the night or the starry sky. In that moment you will be alone with yourself. It will allow you to understand something more about yourself, your surroundings, or maybe the meaning of life. In such moments, inspiration, ideas and understanding come.

But drinking alcohol, especially when you are alone, should be done wisely. The ancient Roman poet Ovid, author of the famous poems “Metamorphoses” and “The Science of Love,” wrote about the right edge: “There is a measure for drinking, too, and it is not at all difficult to indicate it: Let head and foot be obedient to you!” Don’t be afraid to drink alone. You’re not an alcoholic at all, as society is so shabbily accustomed to think. Share it with your friends and forget prejudice. Alcohol alone often gives us more than is commonly thought.