Dry cleaning sneaker

The so-called dry cleaners (dry cleaners for shoes) appeared in European countries long ago. In Russia, these services are only gaining popularity, but are already in demand. By opening your own “sauna” for sneakers, you can build a profitable business.

We are talking about a project the organizers of which specialize in cleaning sports shoes. According to statistics, sneakers – the most popular “outfit” for the feet, and not only in summer but also in winter. They are combined not only with a sports suit, but also with any other clothes, including dresses, skirts and jackets. That’s why novice businessmen focus on this very direction.

Snicker-dry cleaning offers, as a rule, a comprehensive care for sneakers, that is, the careful removal of contaminants. In addition, you can offer a service to restore your favorite shoes (restoration of shape, easy painting, elimination of creases, gluing, etc.). The work is carried out as follows: the client brings sneakers to the receiving point, and after an agreed time takes them beautiful and clean. It is also possible to offer courier delivery for an extra fee.

To implement the project, you need to find suitable premises and purchase specialized equipment, materials and inventory. As practice shows, to start in this business is real, having about 300 000 rubles on hand. The main thing – a competent marketing strategy. It is necessary to make a maximum of information noise, use all possible advertising media, presenting its service in the most favorable light.

Profit is difficult to calculate. It all depends on the region of residence and the price. Price list in existing dry-cleaners snicker varies from 450 to 2500 rubles (the last price for cleaning limited shoes). You can freely accept up to 10 clients per day. Count the income yourself! In any case, the prospects for this business are huge!