Earning on dating site

Communication for a person is one of the most pressing needs, because it is in communication people get the opportunity to realize themselves, find like-minded people to get rid of the feeling of loneliness. The modern information world has also affected this sphere of human relations: now in order to communicate it is enough to go on the Internet, go to your favorite social network or dating site. But not everyone can assume that even on such a simple human need, as a search for a companion, you can build a business on the Internet, and earnings on Russian-speaking remote dating sites today have gained quite a popularity.

Consider the same principles and ways to make money on projects for communication, as well as understand the specifics of such resources as dating site for prisoners, a site to communicate with Americans from the standard services provided for communication. There are two ways to make money on dating sites: with the help of newly created own site and with the help of affiliate programs already promoted resources. If you are fluent in knowledge and skills to create and promote websites or have sufficient desire and time to learn this craft, you can create your own resource that will bring you money.

The technology of earning money on a dating site


    If you had to communicate on such sites, then you know that the owners of the service provide visitors with a huge number of paid services: this is sending romantic sms, congratulations to your loved one through the server, and raising a participant profile in the VIP-zone, and sending pictures of gifts to friends. In general, the space to collect money from site owners from visitors is limited only by imagination and technical skills.

    Surely you’ve noticed that on such Internet portals there are a lot of banner and teaser ads – this is another way to generate income. Post on your blog affiliate banner online store gifts, plush toys, jewelry, lingerie or flower delivery service, online ticketing service – all this will be of great interest to visitors. Especially here is relevant earnings on affiliate programs for clicks.

If you are afraid of the need to possess a large amount of technical knowledge, then you will find another way to earn money on dating sites – affiliate programs. In this case, you do not need to create your own project to communicate, it is enough to simply distribute a partner link, and you will be charged a commission for each registered user and for each service purchased by him.

You also have the opportunity to combine earnings from the affiliate program and promote your own dating site without any technical knowledge. To do this, just become a partner of one of the services, and you will get a ready blog with a domain, the appearance of which you can customize to your liking. Your invited users will have access to absolutely all the profiles of the donor site, but for visitors the whole process will look as if you are the real owner of this portal.

And for each member listed on your project you will be charged a commission; plus, a percentage of the services they have purchased. Dating sites such as LovePlanet, Mamba, Owndating have the opportunity to provide such a platform for partners. By the way, the latest project allows you to create your own online dating site with Europeans and Americans. And such projects are quite popular among women of the fair sex of our country, so the maps in your hands.

Earnings on sites of communication with prisoners


online datingToday, it is becoming popular to earn money by creating highly specialized resources, such as an online dating site for temporary prisoners. These sites are designed to help people in detention to adapt socially. The idea of creating sites to communicate with prisoners has arrived in the CIS countries from the West, where psychologists are more attentive and demanding to this issue. So far, this niche in the Internet in the post-Soviet space has not become widespread – at the moment, there are literally 1-2 promoted projects designed to get acquainted with prisoners. So, if you are looking for an idea to create a necessary, worthwhile and socially necessary resource on the Internet, then why not think about the topic of creating a project of acquaintance with prisoners.

Dating site for prisoners, as well as any other Internet project, is able to its owner to bring income, and receive income on it can be just like on the usual dating portal: the placement of advertising partners, providing users with SMS services, sending gifts and postcards for money. There is only one “but”: in view of insufficient development of the given sphere in runet, you will not find partner programs of already existing sites for dialogue with the prisoners – that is earnings on partners of such projects while it is unavailable.

As the owner of his own site of this type, you may face the problem of finding users to register: in our country, alas, there is no Internet in prisons, and prisoners have access to it only with a mobile phone, the use of which is also prohibited under threat of punishment. All that remains is manual collection of questionnaires in places of detention of unruly citizens and their own registration.  Although there are many difficulties in creating a website for communicating with prisoners, this idea is worth considering, and you do not know how the country’s policy will change in a couple of years with regard to the existence of such socially important sites.