Erogenous zones of the female body

Erogenous zones on the female body are parts of the skin or mucous membrane (mouth, sex organs), their irritation and brings sexual attraction. Knowing where the erogenous points are and how to stimulate them will allow you and your partner to get maximum pleasure from sex. Both men and women have erogenous zones. Most likely, you’ve paid more attention to getting to know your body, so you’ve probably already learned most of the points that you enjoy stimulating.

That’s why the article will focus on the cognition of female erogenous zones. You will learn how to satisfy a woman in bed, how to find erogenous zones on her body, you will understand what they are like and you will discover a lot of new useful information on how to properly stimulate them. Experiment, learn about both your body and the woman’s body for a more vibrant sex experience. Before you get acquainted with the main list of female erogenous zones, I suggest you understand how the process of erogenous zones formation takes place. The process of formation of erogenous zones will take a walk on the theory, in order to subsequently move to quality practice. Psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that in newborn children, the whole body is completely erogenous.

In the future, this sexuality will be transformed, in the process of which local points are formed. Therefore, in adults, the body areas that are stimulated with pleasure are the conclusion of a long process of sexual development. In addition to these areas, we may also have an “anchor” area. What does this mean? Its activation is related to the actions of a certain person. Let’s say you were dating a girl who liked to touch your knees before sex. When in the future another woman does the same action, you may get excited on a subconscious level. This reaction is due to the fact that our brain is able to memorize the sensations and then project the memories-associations that cause a certain reflex. That is, your knees will become an erogenous zone, because they are “hauled”.

How to find erogenous zones on the female body? In order to find erogenous zones, you need to perform a light exercise to find the most sensitive areas on your partner’s skin. A girl should lie on her back, close her eyes and relax. During this time the man touches the parts of her body in many different ways (with his tongue, fingers, etc.). The exercise is to make the fair sex feel her body and her feelings. When stimulating the most pleasant places, she will breathe more often and her body will start to rise. This way you can understand what pleases her most. After a while, a girl can lie on her stomach when, as a man, she will continue to look for hot spots on her body. The same steps can be done for men to find their most erogenous zones.

List of the main cherished points of the female body There is a fairly common opinion among male representatives that the erogenous zones of girls include only the neck, chest and clitoris. This is a mistaken judgment, because in fact, it is only a small part of what can give girls pleasure. If you use a complex caress of erogenous zones, you and your partner will feel that sex will be much more enjoyable.

1. Clitoris This part is considered the most known and sensitive erogenous zone in women. The caresses of this part of the body provide the greatest range of sensations. However, not all men know how to handle the clitoris properly. It should be stimulated gently, as there is a cluster of nerve endings. And certainly, pay attention to the girl’s behavior during this process. It will tell you if you are doing everything correctly.

2. Chest and nipples Nipples, indeed, are considered an obvious erogenous zone. When these points are stimulated, the excitement comes instantly. However, many men very often caress beautiful women’s breasts, forgetting about the existence of other parts of the body, which are also full of many nerve endings.

3. Vagina It is a center of sexual pleasure for girls. It is in the vagina is a mysterious point G, which not all men have found. Its location can only be “felt” experimentally.

4. Lips Sex is accompanied by passionate kisses not by chance. Such affection is one of the main preludes. Kisses on the lips are the satellites of romantic and intimate relationships. In order to excite a girl, gently wrap your fingers around the lips, caress them with your tongue, gently bite. This will give a sea of impressions.

5. Ears Ears are also a very sensitive part of a woman’s body. Gentle touch of the earlobes, dark sighs on the ear can lead a girl into a strong excitement.

6. Neck Another hot zone for girls is the neck. Do not forget to lift her hair and caress her neck with kisses. It is considered a biologically vulnerable part of the body. And if we admit someone to her, we take it as part of an intimate act.

7. Fingertips Surely many will be surprised at this point. However, fingertips are indeed considered one of the sensitive parts of a woman’s body. Despite the fact that we often do not think of the fingers as something exciting, they are able to turn on. Try to hold a girl’s hands or tickle her fingertips during intercourse with a girl – you will feel that a girl will like it.

8. The inner surface of the thigh The inner surface of the thigh is very close to the genitals, so stroking these parts of the body is very exciting. By caressing with your fingers and tongue the inner thigh surface, the girl will unknowingly attract you higher, to the vagina.

9. Pop Women’s buttocks drive many men crazy. Roundness and elasticity excites, but not only you … Girls love massage, smacking, biting and stroking the butt – all these actions significantly lift the mood for sex. It’s better to start as carefully as possible, watch the girl’s reaction. And if she is uncomfortable with your behavior – try other erogenous areas.

10. pubis This part of the female body can be not only stroked and kissed. During sex, try to stimulate it by rubbing against your pubis. Many women enjoy this process very much. Thus, you have learned the ten erogenous zones located on the female body. Maybe it is possible that one girl will like one and the other will like the other. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the partner’s reaction during the intimate caresses to get the maximum pleasure from sex.

Massage and stimulation of erogenous points is recommended to the girl initially with the help of gentle and smooth movements, and then continue according to her reactions and desires. Women of the fair sex should not be ashamed to speak out loud their feelings, because the quality of sexual life depends on how liberated you are. Experiment in bed, listen to your bodies, study them in order to experience new bright impressions of sex.