Etiquette for men and good manners

No matter how much the modern society differs from the society of the last century, there is still a whole set of rules of etiquette in it. And the standards concerning ladies, according to this statute, are very different from men’s standards. Today I will tell in more detail what should be a cultural representative of the stronger sex, according to modern rules of good manners.

Contents of the article

  1. On the street
  2. Indoors
  3. In the community
  4. At a table
  5. Business culture
  6. Appearance

  1. Outside

I’ll start, perhaps, with behavior outside the home. After all, that’s where you are surrounded by a large number of people who are always ready to point out uncultured behaviors. It is especially important to follow the rules when you are walking with a lady. Their knowledge can finally conquer her heart. After all, what girl at least once in her life has not dreamed of a noble prince by her side. Here are the rules of etiquette and good manners, which are expected from the cavalier: While walking always keep to the left side of your companion. The only exceptions are military men who are currently on duty. This is so that the man can always salute when greeted by his superior officer. Original, isn’t it? Don’t smoke in front of a girl without her permission. First of all, she may simply can’t stand the smell of tobacco. Secondly, do not forget about the possibility of an allergic reaction. Also, tobacco smoke is quickly absorbed into the hair and clothing. Not every woman would want to smell like a public ashtray afterwards. Quite a sensible rule, it seems to me. You have to walk very carefully in the ice. If your girlfriend suddenly slipped, be sure to delicately hold her elbow or hand. But the waist to touch in such a situation is undesirable. And this rule in European countries and the U.S. has a peculiarity. There, the woman must first make it clear whether she wants such protection from the man. If the gentleman picks up his beloved without permission, he could be sued for harassment. That’s the way things are abroad. It’s good that our girls prefer not to break their heads on ice, but to entrust their safety to a companion. The same rule is valid when a lady accidentally stumbles on the street.

If you and your girlfriend are going somewhere by car, then you should also learn a couple of simple manipulations. The girl gets in the car first. And you need to open the door in front of her and give her a hand, so that it was convenient to get on the seat. Playing the role of the driver? In that case, you should offer your girlfriend to sit down next to her. But it was a man who should leave the car first. He walks around the car, opens the door and gives his hand for comfort. By the way, make sure that the lady did not have to slam the door of your “swallow”. It’s unseemly. Take care of your girlfriend and be sure to help her carry bags or any other weight. But the graceful lady’s reticule is not necessary to snatch. So you don’t have to worry about looking silly. If a girl needs to carry a voluminous outerwear in her hands, then the rule would be to take on this duty. The exceptions are mantos and short light coats. But if your companion suddenly becomes ill, it is necessary to free her hands completely. As much as possible restrain your broad Russian nature. Foul language is forbidden. It is not very pleasant to listen to in principle, and certainly in the presence of girls should be limited to a more adequate vocabulary. If you have a planned meeting with the lady, be sure to come a little bit in advance. Being late is in itself an uncivilized act, and in the presence of the girl it will embarrass her. If you realize that you will be late after all, be sure to warn your date as early as possible.

As you can see, the rules of etiquette for men and good manners are not so difficult. But compliance with all the conditions I described above will present you to the environment in the best possible light. And on the girlfriend you will definitely make an impression of a very gallant and caring person.

  1. Indoors

I think we’re done with the street. Now it’s time to go deeper into the rules related to public places. This also applies to the home. You have to be gallant not only when other people are looking at you. Here are the rules of etiquette for real gentlemen: A woman should be the first to enter any room. A man should open the door in front of her and hold it until the lady goes inside. A gallant man will do this for any girl, even an unfamiliar one. You should not open the door much in advance. Such behavior will put the companion in an awkward position as she walks toward the entrance. Inside the room, you should first help the girl to undress. After that, you should undress yourself. When leaving, hold the outer clothing by the shoulders while the companion puts it on. It will be correct to move the coat or coat yourself, so that the girl does not have to squat awkwardly to get into the sleeves. The woman sits down first. According to the basic rules of good manners, she needs to pull back her chair. When the lady rises from the table, all the men rise as well. No one goes down until all the ladies in the company have done so.

When you get in the elevator, go first. But on the way back, let the lady go first. Do not forget the help of an open palm if your companion does not easily make all the movements. In particular, this applies to pregnant women or those who have health problems.

  1. In society

If you and your girlfriend were invited to an event, do not forget to learn a couple of nice tricks. After all, the rules of etiquette for men and good manners are sure to be appreciated by the surroundings. Here’s a little guide: If you have a dialogue with someone, do not cross your arms across your chest during the discussion. In cultural society, such a gesture is considered a sign of disrespect for the interlocutor. When a meeting is scheduled in a restaurant, the first person to enter should be the one who will then pay the bill. But if you came in paired with a lady, let her go first. It is believed that the financial issue will be a priori for the man. According to the established rules of etiquette, it is the one who initiates the meeting who pays the bill. It would be good, of course, that the rest of your friends are also aware of this feature. If you and your girlfriend go out, keep an eye on the topics that you raise in front of her. The cavalier should not discuss frank matters, as well as moments of an intimate nature in the circle of partners or mates in the presence of a woman. Alas, but you can’t find a chair to sit on while one of the ladies is still seated. So take care of the comfort of the fair sex first.

It’s not appropriate for a man to speak too loudly, interrupt, or gesticulate vigorously during a conversation. Keep your emotions under control and don’t wave your hands around, even when it comes to controversial issues. Never interrupt anyone-it is a sign of bad manners. You should listen to your opponent first, and then give your opinion. Also, it is not nice to keep your hands in your pockets when talking. Do not point fingers at people, even if all around you know. Try to keep a distance with others (very relevant today) and do not violate personal space interlocutor. Let everyone around you think that you were raised at least gentlemen of blue blood. Although, in fact, it’s just banal decency and respect for other people. Nothing more. Believe me, even if the environment does not particularly meet these requirements, this kind of behavior will set you apart from the other guys. So get ready for interested female gazes and open displays of sympathy.

4. At the table

There are actually a lot of pitfalls lurking at the table here. Eating beautifully is an art. What if tomorrow you get an invitation to dinner with the President and you don’t even know how to put a piece in your mouth? Let’s break it down point by point: It doesn’t matter if you know the lady at the table next to you. Rules of ethics for men and good manners oblige you to court her. Pour drinks into your neighbor’s glass, make sure the plate isn’t empty. If the girl wants to leave the event, you need to get up, pull back a chair and help the woman out. Don’t reach across the table for the food. Ask the other guests to pass what’s needed.

If you get to a high-level event, find out in advance what will be on the menu for the evening. Such places usually serve a large variety of cutlery. To understand what exactly and for what they brought you, try to learn the theory first. Use napkins, eat slowly and in small portions. Put just enough on your plate to eat in one sitting. Don’t smear any sauce left on the plate with bread. I’m sorry, but that’s definitely not how you do it in polite society. Not even if they’re serving your favorite salad. Hang in there, boy, I’m with you in spirit. Yes, it’s not easy to eat with appetite and look cultured. Think of the snacking behavior of today’s youth. Agree that these manners will not always be appropriate in an expensive restaurant? So try to control yourself, otherwise it will be a shame to go to McDonald’s.

5. Business culture

Let’s talk about business meetings and work communication. There really is a different atmosphere there. Those rules that are appropriate for home and cafes, will not be appropriate here. So, a little bit about corporate manners: Take care of a quality and unobtrusive perfume. Remember that we are talking about a confined space. Not everyone will be pleased to smell your persistent fragrance from a few meters away. So opt for a soft and smooth scent with woody notes. And do not go overboard with the application. No dousing yourself with perfume as water will scare away people. If you go into the elevator at the same time as the head, it means he must pass there first. Do not hesitate to go yourself after that either. Waiting for another elevator is not necessary. You should also say hello in the office according to the positions of the people around you. Start with the highest level, gradually moving on to the rest of your colleagues and subordinates. The greeting should be a short and firm handshake. But don’t go overboard with strength. A broken wrist from the CEO is fraught with consequences.

Be sure to get business cards. Corporate culture involves constantly getting to know new partners. So that they are not looking for a piece of paper and pen to write down your contact information, give them a neat card, where everything they need will already be laid out in simple and accessible language. To the representative of a large firm without this accessory will not be trustworthy. Pay attention to the design of your business card. When ordering should not focus on monograms and intricate designs. Everything should be designed simply and concisely. If you have a business meeting, be sure to start preparing for it in advance. Make a rough plan and a list of issues that must be discussed first. Think through all possible answers from your opponent, be prepared for various objections on his part. If you do not jump from one topic to another, and lead the dialogue clearly, logically and measured, the result will be more respect. Female colleagues are just like girls everywhere else. Don’t forget to hold their doors and help with the heavy lifting. And the age, build and appearance of the lady does not matter. Treat with the same respect as the secretary Lenochka, and Valentina Petrovna the cleaner. During the meeting, make sure that the cell phone is muted. Ideally, the vibrate should also be turned off, as its humming will distract from the conversation. If the call is very important, apologize to the person you are talking to and get out. Don’t engage in dialogue in the presence of business associates.

Work is a place where sometimes an entire career depends on your behavior and knowledge of common rules of etiquette. Try not to screw up in front of management so that your professional skills get a sober assessment.

6. Appearance

As you know, you are greeted by the clothes you wear. No matter how intelligent and charming you are, the first impression still depends directly on the style of dress and the success of the chosen image. Let’s talk a little about the style of a man with good manners: Do not chase brands. The branded thing may not always sit competently on the figure. In this case, the label will not pay much attention. The rules of etiquette for men and good manners say that it is the whole image that matters. Individual elements are not so critical. So try to choose all the parts of the clothing so that they all fit together. Do not experiment with the color palette. This could end up being a total failure. Limit yourself to a monochrome outfit. You can use a tie as a prominent stain. But leave the shirts alone. There should be no bright patterns or prints. The optimal option – a thing of fabric slightly lighter than the rest of the suit. This refers specifically to the business style. For the street it is quite all right to wear a standard jacket. Pay attention to the accessories. For men, a good watch is especially important. But they should not be too flashy. To boast of the high price is a bad tone. Under the suit is quite possible to wear cufflinks and a tie clip. Accessories made of precious metal are acceptable. But it is better to give preference to jewelry of white color. They will not be as conspicuous. But the massive chains and crosses are better to remove or completely hide under clothing. Otherwise you will look like a gypsy baron.

If you are going to attend the event with a charming companion, agree with her in advance on an outfit. Your images should match and overlap in detail. Also, familiarize yourself with the dress code of the meeting. Evening dresses are not appropriate everywhere. You should not try to disguise your gray hair or bald spots. Such behavior is a sign of insecurity and the presence of complexes. Also, it all looks really funny. Respect your age and take it for what it is. Let’s talk about shoes. At a minimum, it must be perfectly clean and polished. Sports models are better left for jogging and walks in the park. Varnished shoes wear only for celebrations. In everyday life, they look frankly vulgar. The classic option is considered to be boots in leather or suede. But they must be in tone with the rest of the clothes. The jacket is ideally chosen a bit fitted. This will make your figure more fit. But first soberly assess your own physique. If you can not call yourself a slim, then let’s hide your belly blazer straight cut. It should sit tight, but not to disperse in the buttons. Otherwise, you run the risk of all associated with the notorious Carlson. Do not attend the event unshaven. This is a violation of all rules of etiquette. If you are the owner of a stylish beard and mustache, then first bring them in order. Such an element of the image is quite acceptable.

Well, that’s the end of my recommendations for good manners for the modern man. I hope that you have learned them all, and now you will shine with new knowledge both at home and at work. I’m sure from now on girls will pay more attention to you and show their interest. Nowadays, gentlemen are more in demand than ever before.