Everyone will get what they deserve

How many good things have you done in life, and how many bad things have you done? There is always a price to pay for everything in life. Sooner or later, every deed leads to the fact that everyone will get what he has done. You too will get what you deserve, as well as all the people close to you will get a portion of your karma and destiny. Are you doing everything right or are you making a major mistake in life? “Tell me, American, what is the power? Is it money? That’s what my brother says it’s money. You got a lot of money, so what? I think strength is in the truth: whoever has the truth is the strongest!” Brother 2.

Are you good or bad? The easiest way to find out is to think about how the people around you treat you. Just be honest and don’t deceive yourself. Does everyone around you love you or do most people hate you? What do those around you think of you? Often people attribute good things to themselves, but in reality are doing unflattering things. You may delude yourself that you are on the bright side, but are you? Why deceive yourself? Often people are on the dark side because of profit and convenience.

What about conscience and truth? Such people manage to sell it for some plushies from behaving negatively. Sooner or later everyone has to wonder if they are a scoundrel or a scum. After all, everyone will have to pay for everything, and very soon. Everyone will get what he deserves, and the axe of fate has already been drawn over your head if you have gone against the truth and conscience. Think about it today, so that you and your loved ones won’t suffer tomorrow.

You’re doing dark things

Some people live in a way that makes the grass grow on tomorrow. They do what is profitable and convenient in a given situation. People cheat, violate morals, betray other people, behave like scoundrels, and go against their conscience. People assume that money or power will protect them from forces that are above it all. Naive fools. You don’t go against God. The universe, life, karma, destiny and God will reward you according to your deeds, no matter how much you flirt. Remember how after World War II all the Nazis, Nazis and other scoundrels were hunted down.

The hand of fate got all those who served fascism and committed crimes. In today’s world, the rules of karma have not changed, and fate always rewards according to merit and deeds. There are enough trashy people in the world who hope they can fool everyone to keep their asses warm. There aren’t very many scoundrels and scoundrels, but they usually hold high office and have a lucrative job. You see them a lot on TV, but you know exactly what they are. Who can be a scoundrel?

A scoundrel is a dictator who has seized power and greedily clings to it. A scoundrel is an official who steals from the state to line his own pockets.

A scoundrel is a servant of the law who protects the dictator, beats up ordinary people and does other trashy things under the guise of the law.

A scoundrel is a criminal who robs, cheats, and commits other criminal acts. A scoundrel is a scoundrel who only causes trouble and harm to others and enjoys it.

A scoundrel is a mercenary who unjustly takes possession of benefits.

There are many scoundrels, and you will learn to distinguish them in time. But the hardest part is recognizing the scoundrel in yourself. Sometimes it turns out that you, too, are a scoundrel, just trying to hide from these thoughts. You can hide behind all sorts of excuses, but you see the truth. If you behave like a scoundrel, you will soon have to pay the price. Every criminal, dictator or scumbag ends up the same way. Think of history, when all such individuals end up on the edge of an abyss. Life is only unfair in the beginning, but at the end it takes a toll on everything. The power is always in the truth. So influential, rich and successful people face unsolvable problems. Illness catches up with them, and trouble follows on their heels. But that’s only half the trouble. The higher powers love to strike through what is most important to man. Fate punishes people through their children, relatives and loved ones. Karma catches up with him and makes him pay for all his sins in full. Everyone will receive what he deserves and each one will be rewarded according to his deeds. Don’t think that you will be forgiven and forgiven for all your deeds. You won’t. No luck. No way. You can’t make a deal with fate, not even with money. God is harsh, but fair.

You do good deeds In life, it’s important to be on the bright side and do good deeds. You can’t take all the money to the grave, but what will they say about you tomorrow? Some people will be hated, despised and spat upon, while others will be loved. Try to do good deeds and be on the bright side. Cheating, betraying and doing nasty things is too stupid for such a short flash as life. Life is very short to engage in being hateful to other people and doing nasty things.

Do good things. Do good things. Everyone will get what they deserve. If you did good things, you will get good things. If you did nasty things, you’ll get the stab of fate on your back and your loved ones. Often your loved ones themselves will turn their backs and give up on you so that they have nothing to do with you. Examples like that are a dime a dozen. “Let every man be rewarded according to his deeds” is a quote found in Matthew’s Gospel in the Bible. You must understand that you will pay for everything. If you want to be happy, do good things.

Life is very, very short. Try to spend it in such a way that you and your loved ones are not ashamed of you. The power has always been in the truth, it’s just that we’ve forgotten it. Everyone will get what they deserve for their deeds. Try to let fate, karma, life and God give you only good things. Life is one and very short. Try to walk through it with your head held high, remaining a Man with a capital letter…