Everything you need to know about breakfast

Each of us probably knows since childhood that breakfast is the most important meal. And knowing this, we often skip it. So why does this happen and why is breakfast so important for the body?

According to research, a large proportion of those who skip their first meal, breakfast, claim to have no appetite in the morning.

The typical scenario: wake up, drink a cup of coffee, get dressed, wash your face, and rush to work. A heap of things to do, during the day there is not even time to remember that you are hungry. You had time to eat a sandwich – fine, but you didn’t have time – that’s okay.

In the evening you return from work incredibly tired and insanely hungry. You pounce on the contents of the fridge like an animal, your stomach is empty and needs to be filled. Then you go back to the kitchen for tea and cookies.

Such a disrupted mode makes your sleep interrupted by the process of digestion, in the morning you feel defeated and everything repeats over and over again.

So what to do?

First, you need to get into the habit of eating breakfast in the morning.

Difficult, yes. It is believed that in order to make something into a habit, it is enough to repeat this action for 21 days. After that, it’s easier.

Secondly, plan your morning. Get up a little earlier, prepare food in the evening, or use our service.

Thirdly, give up heavy meals for the night or a late dinner.

Do not overload your body with heavy foods. Do you want to eat at night? Eat cottage cheese or drink kefir – and go to bed quietly, waiting for breakfast.

Either way, planning your meals is important and necessary for your body to be healthy and function perfectly.

Short on time? Use our service where everything is already prepared and counted.

Have a great day!