Everything you wanted to know about travel

We travel not so much for leisure, but for new sensations, emotions and adventures. Are you interested in alcohol, sex and law abroad? The application for travelers Triposo has conducted a survey. According to it, you can understand what awaits you in your journey, if you like thrills. Alcohol, sex and law abroad are the burning questions of any traveler.

Only 2% of travelers say they are interested in sex on the road. 6% of travelers agree that they are interested in alcohol. But we know that this is not the case at all. Sex and travel – 70% of travelers had sex or other intima. – 25% of travelers had sex for one night. – 5% of travelers cheated on their half abroad. – 15% of travelers got in touch with one another, almost not knowing the language of the interlocutor. – 17% of travelers did not stop the lack of space for sex.

They had sex in a public place. – About 5% of men admitted to acting as a gigolo abroad. But, no woman confessed to something like that. This n-this number of whores – travelers also lies! – 43% of travelers had at least two sexual partners in the last three months. Alcohol and travel – 10% of travelers woke up in a completely unfamiliar place. With men, this happens 7 times more often. – 12% of travelers participated in a scuffle that resulted in injury or damage.

We hope that you are among the second, not the first. – 5% of travelers, after drinking alcohol, were exposed in public. – 25% of female travelers drank more than 14 standard cocktails per week (2 per day), and men drank about 1.5 times more alcohol. – 25% of travelers urinated in a public place. – 10% of travelers threw up in a public place. – 60% of travelers got drunk abroad. – 7% of travelers admitted they were thrown out of a bar.

Law and Travel – 2% of travelers were arrested in another country. – 20% of travelers were stolen – 10% of travelers were stopped at the border. – 15% of travelers were lucky enough to smuggle something. Alcohol, in reasonable quantities, as well as unreasonable sex – this is what gives travel the flavor of full recreation. Travel is interesting!