Examples of life experiences

What changes with age? We get a life experience that hits us right on the head or under the breath. Experience is the sum of the defeats, mistakes and misses we have made in life. Life experience allows us to understand many things, to treat them more easily and to find optimal solutions. Examples of life experience and wisdom of other people. For one beaten two unbeaten give! Over the years we not only change outwardly and grow intellectually, but also our personality is transformed. With age, character is transformed, and we start to look at life in a very different way.

The encountered difficulties, struggle and obstacles teach us. We use the accumulated experience further to solve the difficulties faster and achieve more. Age and experience give us undeniable advantages that we have never had before. With age, we begin to understand many things very differently, seeing from a different angle. We become like Google’s all-knowing search engine, which has the answers to all the questions and all the solutions. Shooting sparrow on a crumb can’t be done. We become experienced, experienced and wise. Life experience is expensive and leaves many scars. But why not study someone else’s experience in order not to make other people’s mistakes? How to use someone else’s experience in your own interests, so as not to dance on the rake, which has already broken a dozen other people’s foreheads? Read the accumulated experience of adults that they shared with us.

Examples of life experience and wisdom

1. Less caring about what other people think about you.

2. Be more open and frank in your desires.

3. Confidence in yourself, in your power, and in your intellect helps.

4. Health, relationships and happiness are more important than work.

5. Sometimes you should let go people with whom you are not on the way.

6. It is silly to be afraid at interviews. You are much better than you think.

7. It is uncomfortable to react to negative people when it is easier to ignore.

8. Staying cold-blooded is better than giving in to emotions and madness.

9. Have the courage to get acquainted, communicate and visit new places.

10. It is better to smile widely and enjoy life than to mope forever.

11. Parting will not kill you. Love comes and goes, but there is always a new love.

12. Drunk in the evening? Drink more water before going to bed, and in the morning the hangover will be easier. Although it is better to quit drinking.

13. Depressive moments in life will always be, but it makes no sense to worry for a long time.

14. you can’t win someone in a relationship. There is sympathy and reciprocity, or it is not.

15. Say the word “no” without remorse and refuse without seeking excuses.

16. Leaving a bad job and looking for a new one is better than suffering all your life.

17. do not mess with those who pull you to the bottom.

18. Share your emotions and feelings with people correctly. This facilitates understanding and relationships.

19. do not solve troubles and do not get involved in them.

20. Careful and thorough choice of a girlfriend for a relationship is an adult decision.

21. Learn to admit your wrong and apologize.

22. let go of things that do not depend on you.

23. there are no irreplaceable things at work, and you can be easily replaced by others. Remember this.

24. Breaking up negative communication with toxic people is a very reasonable decision.

25. Not in all fights, not in all conflicts and not in all battles.

26. Speak openly about your desires in bed.

27. Friendship and relationships should be maintained.

28. Politics is a dirty business for dirty people. Do not waste emotions and time.

29. coming on time and keeping your word is the right choice.

30. It is better to spend your life in a sporting and beautiful body.

31. Being alone is better than in a relationship with the wrong person.

32. Refusing an unrealistic dream, but concentrating on an achievable dream.

33. Stop competing or envying other people.

34. To be a positive optimist and believe in the best.

35. You choose the time when to get married and have children, but not before.

36. The ability to go to your desires and goals, spitting at evildoers and critics.

37. You do not have to try to leave the last word.

38. It is important to mind your own business and to enjoy it.

39. Life does not get easier, you just get used to it and a second breath opens.

40. Throw away selfishness and value more people who treat you well.

41. Ignore social media and curb the desire to please everyone around you.

42. Doing yourself moral or physical harm is impossible, but rather stupid.

43. Become aware of your weaknesses and vulnerabilities by learning to deal with them.

44. Express your opinion shamelessly, but do not engage in meaningless quarrels.

45. Stay at home in the evening and relax alone, and not go to the club? A good idea.

46. ​​Follow not fashion, but your own style.

47. Get rid of people who abuse your time, energy and resources.

48. In adolescence, disappointment and failure seemed like a disaster. You treat an adult with an ironic smile.

49. Cook and consume good food, not just any slag.

50. Part of life you will be alone. Enjoy it, don’t worry about it.

51. Think before you do or say.

52. Note the moment when you should leave the guests, relationships, work and inappropriate place.

53. Judge people not by words, but by their actions.

54. Bravely defend their interests and defend their rights.

55. Control their sexual desire and use of condoms.

56. Do not cling to your youth frantically to avoid a midlife crisis.

57. Saving money is better than trying to repay loans later or be without money.

58. Draw personal boundaries and do not let them be broken.

59. Do not feel uncomfortable in a strange situation. It’s not a big deal.

60. Rest, have fun and travel must be.

61. Admit your mistakes, but do not blame yourself unnecessarily.

62. Why worry about something that will not make sense in a year?

63. Time is expensive to spend it on various nonsense.

64. You are old enough to accept the world, not to fight it.

65. Discipline is a good thing that allows you to get what you want.

66. Be able to curb your fantasies, do not dream about the impossible and take on the achievable goals.

67. Accept ageing and death as inevitable, but do not worry about it.

68. Prefer quality over quantity.

69. Ability to say in time: “I am too old for this crap.

70. Life is short, so enjoy it every day and be happy. This list can go on forever, but if you do not make these mistakes, it will be great. Examples of other people’s life experience allow you not to waste energy and time on offensive misses. It is better to follow your dreams and get what you want.