Experts have found an unexpected advantage of video games

Researchers have found that video games have a positive effect on gamersinteractions with literature and increase their literacy. This conclusion was reached by the National Literacy Foundation of Great Britain.


Research has shown that video games motivate young people to read and develop reading skills. Thus, 79.4% of gamers read thematic materials at least once a month, it is:

ingame texts (39.9%),
reviews (30.5%),
books based on games (21.8%).

At the same time, 35.3% of respondents believe that games help them improve their reading skills.

Another advantage of video games is that they can be an inspiration for young writers. 62.5% of respondents write materials. dedicated to video games, such as game scripts (27.5%), guides for other gamers (22.1%) and blogs (8.0%).

Researchers have also found that games help fight stress. Many respondents say they use virtual entertainment to deal with stress and bad emotions.

In addition, parents of young gamers (59.6%) note that communication with relatives during a joint game during the quarantine period had a good effect on the psychological wellbeing of children.