Experts have named the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone

Apple’s brand is one of the most famous in the world, gadgets are always in the top bestsellers, so what attracts users and are there any problems and shortcomings?


Brand. Often only because of him many overpay. On the one hand, this can not be called a plus, but often a brand new iPhone – an indicator of the well-being of the owner.

Cell. Now many models can compete with the iPhone in the category of photography, but in the video is unlikely (except that only the latest Samsung models). This point is especially true of Instagram. It has long been known that, for example, in stories, the quality of video from the iPhone will be much better.

Product support. The device has been receiving system updates for several years, which many Android smartphones can’t boast of. Standard programs. Creating applications, developers follow a clear TK, so, on devices everything works equally conveniently, it is not necessary to adapt, to get used to the new interface. High productivity. The IOS system is protected and is intended only for Apple products, so there are no deviations, glitches.

Security. The developers carefully monitor the applications in the App Store to avoid viruses.

Confidentiality. The creators took care of this. To access applications with personal information, you must log in, enter a password, and if you lose the device, you can lock it and erase all data remotely. Own free cloud of 5 GB. There are not many unnecessary applications installed by default, as in Android. Despite the battery performance (2000 mAh, 1600 mAh), the device lasts longer than some representatives of other companies with a larger battery capacity. Many apps first appear on iOS. Lots of beautiful, interesting accessories. Apple Pay’s own payment system.

Design. Devices always look stylish, beautiful and recognizable.

Despite the excellent characteristics, Apple products have disadvantages.


One SIM card. For some users there is nothing critical, but there are those who need to use exactly two “sevens”.

No microSD. You can’t expand the memory in the iPhone, you have to accept it or wait for changes.

File system not available. Download something from the Internet or put your ringtone on the call will not work, and if you really want to have to get out. You can’t interact with your computer by transferring files and documents, unless it’s a MacBook.

Turns off in the cold. Indeed, many users on the street at 25C often begin to consume charge much faster, and in the worst case, the device immediately turns off.

Price. There are many more affordable, budget devices with a wide range of functionality on the market today, so many people make rational choices in favor of their capabilities.

Absolute autonomy. On the iPhone itself, you can only change the wallpaper, while on Android you can set the colors of folders, name them, etc.


Most often, the presence of the iPhone – an indicator of status, and even budget models are not affordable for many. There are now several companies on the market that offer quality products with many features at a more affordable price. However, so far only users of Apple products have some privileges: the ability to download many applications first, a guarantee of protection, fashion accessories and more. But you should also keep in mind the disadvantages, and when choosing a smartphone, take into account everything, including the budget.