Experts have named the reasons why the smartphone may turn off

There are situations when your smartphone may suddenly turn off, often when you are talking on it. Experts have named the two most popular causes of this problem – this can be due to both software and hardware, ie the battery of your smartphone. Often, your smartphone may turn off due to a low charge, and your device’s status bar will not show that the battery is running low. The reason is that the batteries discharge significantly faster at low temperatures, and you may not notice a loss of capacity, for example, when talking on the phone.

Even more relevant than for smartphones, this problem is for TWS-headphones. You should also note that the cause may be software problems. For example, if your device suddenly shuts down after the last software update and you are sure that the cause is not in the battery, you can say for sure that it is the software that is not working properly. In this case, you should contact the manufacturer or wait for the next software update, in which the errors should be corrected.