Fashionable autumn-winter hats for men 2019-2020

With the approaching cold weather, when autumn and winter are on the doorstep, men’s winter hats will inevitably appear in the wardrobe.

After all, they not only protect you from the cold and wind, but also with the right choice of model will favorably emphasize your advantages and will become a stylish accent image.

Knitted men’s hats are still popular. Angora or natural wool can be dyed in a variety of shades, in addition, they are best kept warm. Soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, these hats have become the masterpiece of modern men. Thinner pieces are made of knitwear, which is ideal for sports models, warm hats and bins.

Men’s fur hats have already become favorites in many collections of fashion designers.

The soft material is best suited for creating stylish masterpieces with a luxurious shine. Interesting men’s winter caps or earflaps are made of suede and high quality leather.

So, what fashionable products should be worn in this season?


Without exaggeration, the most convenient option for the autumn-winter season. This product has no ties, fasteners or other additional elements. Hold on due to the fact that it fits your head tightly. Bini is worn by such famous persons as Anderson Park and Benedict Cumberbatch.

This is an ideal model of the hat not only for skateboarders and street stylists, but it also fits well with the blowing jacket and classic straight cut coat.

A baseball cap.

Men’s caps, of course, will not be able to cover your ears thoroughly, but they are also rightly called winter hats. If you don’t like wearing hats, a baseball cap will be your salvation. Now they are made of wool, so low temperatures are not scary.

This cap will save your hair in bad weather. Visor and thick material will not let you get wet. But we will note that it is necessary to avoid such combinations as a cap and a classical coat, after all it is inconsistent enough. Much better baseball cap looks with a park and a winter jacket.

The hat.

It’s a traditional warm hat. This hat can be worn either tightly over the head, covering the ears, or so that there is room on the top of the head. Such a hat, as well as men’s hats, fits almost any type of clothing. Buy two models at once – one neutral black and the other bright to combine them with different outerwear.


Do not take men’s berets as headgear for women. They are worn by sailors and soldiers from different countries. This is an elegant and classic model, which will emphasize your personality and help to create an image of a hooligan as a cape or eight-blade. It should be made of wool or cashmere fabric, which will allow the beret to retain its shape and warmth for a long time, as well as look representative.

Looks great with a cardigan, knitted sweater, straight coat or a strict suit. However, a combination of clothes such as berets and sports pants or T-shirt is categorically unacceptable.

The earhole hat

While you’re jealous and surprised at tourists who buy earflaps in Red Square, many designers (Prada, among others) make this headpiece the main element of all autumn-winter shows 2019-2020. Looks unusual and stylish, and you won’t be afraid of the cold. You can wear this hat with any clothes. In any case, you will attract the attention of others.

In men’s wardrobe, accents play an important role.

To create an interesting look, buy a few new men’s caps, hats or hats.

As before, you will continue to enjoy a simple, brutal design. After all, for men it is beautiful – it is when there is nothing superfluous. Strict style, neutral colors, minimum stuck-up jewelry. Such models for men look interesting and solid.

That’s what a man needs, about whom a worthy woman dreams. At a correct choice of a headdress you can underline the advantages and make an image more effective.