Fashionable coats of the cold season 2019–2020

In men’s clothing for the cold season is more elegant than the coat of mankind did not come up with anything. This is a fact. Down coat is practical, but too simple. Sheepskin coat is not bad, but too narrow a style frame. Mink coat or coat? Well, no, you’re not a black rapper-pimp and Nesiberian diamond tycoon-starover respectable years. In general, the choice is obvious – coat.

Modern trends allow you to wear a variety of styles of coats with sneakers, and winter boots and shoes. You can wear it with a business suit and jeans. Military models are combined even with cargo trousers. It is this versatility that makes us buy a few styles of coats, updating the wardrobe for autumn and winter. So, we meet new models of classic parades, crombies, dafflecoats, models with hoods and polo coats.

Constancy of classics Like next year’s style, classic coats are dominated by restraint. Both in the cut and in the colors. Black, grey, dark blue or beige. Perhaps the main novelty in the fashionable coat trend 2019-2020 will be double-breasted models. If earlier they could be found more often in casual models, now – voila! Get your signature on the models for a business suit! And nobody will think you’re wearing your old grandfather’s coat.

No, it’s ultramodern redingtones, crombies and parades. Moreover, as we have already written in previous articles, double-breasted models will also be complemented by a fur collar! Hello Brezhnev’s 70s! Only the general’s daddy is missing. Besides, designers will please you with large wooden buttons and fitted models. Yes, we can safely say that designers are looking back more and more often than not and are inspired by the light epochs of the past years.

Daflkots are picking up the pace This coat model has come to the fore not so long ago. 3 or 4 years ago, this style was more popular with teenagers and young people than with a more mature audience. But everything changes and daflkoty migrated to men’s wardrobes for 30. This type of coat allows for a wide range of design ideas. Clasps, hoods, button shapes, decorative elements in the form of functional and non-functional buttons – all these are tools to create a bright image with the help of doughnut.

In contrast to classic models, dafflecoats are less strict in colour. You can see bright tones in the collections, but, as we recall, the trends of 2019-2020 suggest that we should not be carried away by flashy shades. Camel Sandy and Beige is one of the brightest fashion trends of the coming season. Therefore, he could not appear in the models of coat, of course, he could not. Let’s say more, perhaps, this is the only really bright spot in the restrained colors of the next season.

Camel coat sand coat Pro coat Camel color or “camel coat” this summer, it seems, all fashion magazines and portals, including our respected edition. In general, we can safely say that having a sand coat in your wardrobe is not a recommendation, but a requirement! Cage coat is also one of the powerful trends of the coming season. However, a checkered coat is probably a very bold decision. It will seem to you that this is too close a look into the past, somewhere in the era of English detectives with pots on their heads and a dog tracker. But don’t worry, we assure you, the checkered coat will be trendy in the winter season 2019-2020. A lot of designer collections include such coats in different interpretations: with and without collar, double-breasted and single-breasted, casual and more stringent.

And there’s a separate checkered daffle-cott, of course! Together with jeans and boots – it already smells like London 70’s and concerts of Joy Division and The Cure. If you don’t have enough manhood in the image, and your familiar ladies rigidly frenzonayut you – your choice of bushlat. The invention is not new, as you understand, and this element of military uniform has long ago moved into men’s wardrobes. If another 10 years in a peaceful life of bushcharts were worn basically fans of Russian rock in a combination to a calf, torn jeans and badly washed hair, now it, strangely enough, well sold boutiques fashionable variant of a coat! Bouchelat is worn with everything. It looks with a suit, and with a sweater, with a high throat and a sweatshirt with a hoodie. The diversity of the Mix Salad is always interesting and sometimes also delicious.

What happens if you combine cashmere with sheepskin coats? As it turned out, it will be an interesting variant of multifactory coat. The more contrast of materials – the more interesting. To this all still to season a variety of decor in the form of inserts, buttons, rivets, bright lining – and here is an unusual thing that will immediately create exactly your image. To be unlike anybody else is also great. The main thing is not to lose the sense of proportion, otherwise you will become a freak. Where to buy Well, and an important question – where to buy all this. Unfortunately, not everywhere are sold quality coats.

This is a complex wardrobe item, which is not easy to choose. Focus on branded stores of such brands as Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, Canali, Dries Van Notten, Brioni, Dior, Costume National, Corneliani, Balmain, JOSEPH, Burberry, Cerruti, J. Crew, Berluti, Marni. Well, or maybe you’ll be lucky and in a modest store you’ll find a nicely sewn coat of an unknown brand, which will sit on you better than any superbrand thing.