Fashionable Men’s Bags

Bags have become an integral part not only of women’s but also men’s image. Now designers actively replenish collections with practical accessories. In this article we will analyze the most relevant models of men’s handbags.

Mens bag

Men’s messenger bags are triumphantly returning to fashion. Only now they have an elongated handle instead of the loop handle, which allows you to wear the accessory on the shoulder. The most stylish versions can be seen in the collections of Fendi, Tod’s, Bally and others.

Bag by two handles

Atypical for men model – a bag of medium size by two handles. The product can be made of leather or textile. The frame itself is soft.


Small men’s handbags will be a hit of the hot season. They can be worn around the neck, in the hand or on the shoulder. Many designers suggest wearing several such handbags at once. Dior Men offered a whole knot of micro handbags. Etro added a flask to a small men’s handbag, which is also very practical, because now all the doctors and nutritionists do not get tired to talk about the need to drink enough water.


Men’s backpacks in autumn-winter season 2022 are mostly represented as models for the city. Backpacks design allows to complement the casual and even business image.

Laptop bags

Since we started talking about bags for business men, it is worth talking about stylish laptop bags. Most often the collection is presented in a fabric version, but there are also products in leather. Strict and refined models offered Berluti and Kiton.


Men’s briefcases are a more roomy option for businessmen bags. By the way, ladies, take note, as an idea for a gift for your man. And look for stylish men’s briefcases in the collections of Bally, Berluti and Etro.

Cloth bags

Men’s cloth bags somewhat resemble shopper bags, but have a thicker frame. Comfortable for everyday wear, besides they will perfectly fit any style.


For extraordinary personalities, trendsetters offered roomy torba bags. For many people such a bag will be a supplement to a casual, relaxed image, but Berluti were able to harmoniously fit it into a strict business image. It will rather depend on what material the product is made of.


Men’s clutch bags are gradually losing their positions, somehow they did not happen to take root in men’s fashion. It is not surprising, men, even the biggest fans still prefer practicality and convenience, and the clutch is not always appropriate, because you have to carry it in your hands all the time.

Travel Bags

The Spring/Summer 2022 collections are rich in models of men’s travel bags, all of them are rounded and carried by two short handles, although they have a long strap to be worn on the shoulder. The bag is suitable both as a carry-on bag for travel, and as a sports bag, for trips to the gym.

Bowl bags

New for the season will be men’s barrel bags. It is difficult to call such a form practical, but it looks spectacular under any circumstances. A striking confirmation of this model from Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Etro and others.

Unusual bags

And finally, we would like to show you unusual men’s bags, in the form of a car, like Lanvin, a panama by Fendi or a saddle with bags, like Dior Men. Such bags, of course, are not suitable for everyday life, but to emphasize the epatastic image of a bold fashionista.

Now you know what will be fashionable men’s handbags for spring-summer 2022. Choose for yourself not one but several bags, so they harmoniously complement your images for every day and for special occasions. You can’t get away with one backpack anymore.