Fashionable men’s clothing – trends in 2020

Modern men’s fashion 2020 is about freedom of choice and diversity, so everyone can choose clothes to their own taste. Today we offer top 10 trends that will make a stylish bow in the coming season, as well as a tour of fashion trends for spring-summer 2020.

Trend #1. velour .

Velvet, velvet, corduroy at the peak of popularity is not the first season. In the coming year, textured materials will remain in trend.

The most popular will be blazers made of velvet. They should be combined with classic pants made of simple fabrics. velour suits will also be popular. Such models could be seen at Dolce&Gabbana, Balmain, Brioni and other famous designers’ shows.

As for the color, among the acceptable shades are black, dark gray, brown, turquoise and purple.

Trend #2. Cage .

The fine stripes and colors of “Turkish cucumber” come to the background, the most popular printer in 2020 will be the cage. And absolutely any – monochrome, colored Scottish, chess and others.

Such fashionable print can be embodied in business suits, coats, shirts and jumper.

Trend #3. Combines

This trend recently appeared in women’s wardrobe. In the coming season, the overalls burst into the men’s fashion. For the stronger sex, they are made mainly in a sporty style.

Some fashion brands offered men more challenging options: overalls of pink, red and light gray colors.

If a jumpsuit is too much, designers offer outfits that mimic the appearance of such an item of clothing. The best versions were presented in the collections of DiorMen, Fendi and Prada.

Trend #4. Suit .

There’s nothing better for a man than a stylish three-piece suit. He is able to emphasize business style and position in society. Among the stylish novelties of the upcoming spring-summer season are a gold suit, a classic gray triple, as well as a cage and delicate velour texture.

Interesting! A fashionable costume should be made of high quality fabric and fit properly.

When choosing a color scheme you should also pay attention to the costumes of gray and burgundy colors, combining in one image blazer, vest and trousers of different shades and even with different prints. You can also try to create an externally baggy onion by giving up perfectly fitting jackets. Jackets in the style of oversize will also come in handy.

Trend #5. Logo prints.

Among the trends in men’s fashion 2020 stands out favorably branded things, which show the logo of fashion houses or depict the initials of the designers. Special attention should be paid to the items of their Dior collection for men, coats with a red Valentino logo, as well as a number of sweaters, jumper and shirts by Dolce & Gabbana, supplemented with the brand’s logo.

At the same time, logo prints are located on virtually any men’s clothing: shirts, jackets, down jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, jumper.

Trend #6. Patchwork

A slightly strange trend, especially for men’s fashion, but at the same time the most unexpected and in demand in the collections for 2020. For those who do not know, let’s explain. Patchwork is one of the ways to create things, in which each product is assembled from separate pieces, which can be not only different in color, but also different type of fabric.

Despite the fact that this technique was also presented in women’s collections, in fashion for men it looks a little different. It is interesting, but for men designers have prepared more daring experiments, offering to combine the incompatible. Thus, for sewing one thing can be used simultaneously flax and velour, leather and denim, wool and satin.

Asymmetric patchwork jackets and even classic suits were presented at the fashion shows. Some specialists suggested using strict symmetry when sewing clothes, others – to use a large number of flap of different sizes.

Trend #7. Knitwear.

In cooler weather, nothing warms up better than knitting. In addition, you can create a very fashionable bow. In this case, the larger the knitting – the cooler and the longer the sleeve – the more stylish the product will be considered. You should also take a closer look at the oversize things. Bright examples are dimensionless sweaters and jumper from Valentino and Etudes collections, voluminous colorful sweaters from Dior, products with long sleeves from Alyx.

Interesting! To get trendy onions, special attention should be paid to the three-dimensional knitted things, sewn as if “to grow up”.

Trend #8. Flower motifs

Flower prints have long since ceased to be solely a woman’s prerogative. Today they are abundantly present in the decor of men’s clothing. Do not be too conservative and think that roses and daisies are suitable only for women. On the contrary, properly dosed floral print will add a bow of extravagance, emphasize style and originality.

Floral motifs may be present at the gate of the shirt, jacket, this pattern can be complemented even by a strict business suit. What are the only images presented in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, AlexanderMcQueen and other famous designers.

Trend #9. Pink color.

Another unexpected trend of the coming year in men’s fashion is pink. Do not be afraid of such a novelty, because all shades of pink will be an exact hit! The main thing is to be open to experimentation.

Of course, we are not talking about neon pink shades, which are more suitable for girls-Barbie, but the “dusty rose”, pink-persian, soft pink pastel. At the same time, these shades can be made as shirts, jackets, and things strictly cut, such as jackets, blazers and coats.

Trend #10. Long scarves.

If last year the most fashionable accessory was bright and contrasting gloves made of leather, in 2020 the trend will be long knitted scarves. At the same time, the longer a product is, the better. On the catwalks were presented checkered black and white scarves, length up to caviar, products in stripes to the middle of the knee and many others.

Designers offer to match the scarves in tone with outerwear and a hat, combine fashion accessory with a strict suit, sweatshirt, jumper, sweater.

Fashion trends: shoes

In the spring-summer 2020 season fashionable men’s footwear will be a combination of classic and sports style. The trend is sports style, thick-sole shoes and boots, light loafers. Among the current details should be highlighted models with:

overestimated shin;

large number of holes and perforations;

bright laces.

As for the colors, there is a great choice for fashionists in the upcoming seasons. The key colors will be black, brown, gray and other. Also in trend will be dark cherry, blue, emerald, yellow, orange, white.

Fashion trends: jackets

For spring 2020 designers have prepared a large selection of fashionable jackets for men. The advantage should be given to products of black color. If you want to add an image of brightness, look at the models of mustard, gray, wine, plum and sand shades.

Interesting! Denim jackets will be extremely popular, especially dumplings, as well as leather and suede products with interesting decor in the form of zippers or laces.

Fashion trends: jeans

Among the fashionable styles of jeans for men should be distinguished by a classic, skinny, with a low waist, wide models, and jeans-pants. In this case, attention should be paid not only to the cut, but also the color. The trend will be dark and light blue jeans, indigo pants, as well as products in combination shades.

Interesting! Interesting look models with slits that do not expose the leg, but on the contrary, closed with a contrasting “lacquer”.

Men’s fashion for 2020 is more diverse than ever and full of original trends and unexpected design solutions. We hope that our material will help to create a stylish image for the coming seasons.