Fashionable men’s jewelry 2020: bracelets, rings, chains on the neck and pendants

Initially, the jewelry was worn by men. They were components of social status and security, valiant marks of warriors and simply spectacular manly jewelry. To this day, the love of stylish accessories from the stronger sex has not disappeared.

The special role of men’s jewelry

Originally, men’s jewelry was a kind of protection on the battlefield, they protected against evil spirits. Silver accessories embodied masculinity, gold bracelets, chains with rings and stones emphasized the particularly high status of their owner. Men’s jewelry changed with each era, becoming more and more concise and sophisticated. In addition, each man in his own way uses the opportunity to decorate the look with gold or silver accessories. His imprint imposes the social level of man, the peculiarities of education, mentality, belonging to a particular group or mental caste.

Stylish men’s bracelets

In any case, stylish and original men’s jewelry made of silver or gold, with a decor in the form of stones or without it, will not leave indifferent modern man. Even those who in every way shows their indifference to jewelry for men, sooner or later will certainly get your favorite accessory. Often the first jewelry for men of noble metals are received as a birthday gift. Many close people try to respect the anniversary in this way, to emphasize the importance and value of his person.

Taste and personality are unconditional trends in the world of men’s jewelry fashion

To make a gift really useful and enjoyable, to buy men’s jewelry around the neck, expensive rings or cufflinks made of gold and other similar products, you should only make sure of their impeccable quality. Another important nuance for modern men: the relevance and trendiness of things. The year 2018 brought its special rules to the world of gold accessories and silver attributes. To please your beloved husband or “golden” boss, it is worth paying special attention to what kind of accessories for men are especially popular now.

Stylish brooches: a decoration worthy of a brutal man

Designers paid special attention to various modifications of brooches. From women’s dresses and blouses these gold jewelry moved to men’s shoes and jackets. Bold men wear ornate and catchy silverware even over simple shirts or decorate vests with them. So that the brooch does not really look frankly feminine, stylists recommend choosing silverware that is not decorated with stones. The choice of places for the brooch should also be more original than the traditional “feminine” ones. For example, many progressive fashionists wear silver brooches on their hands like cufflinks.

Pendant: the perfect gift for the man you love

The pendant is a rather magnetic thing. It looks very sexy on the muscular breast, combined with a T-shirt or T-shirt with a deep V-shaped or oval neckline. Pendant with unusual symbols are not only rockers and informal. It can be a worthy replacement for bored tie, in order to “dilute” unnecessarily official office image. In recent collections, Dolce&Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli suggested combining dark shirts with massive metal pendants or skillful silver chains with the original accessory.

Golden cufflinks: the perfect birthday present

The ideal birthday gift for a solid and wealthy man – cufflinks made of gold. Indeed, this jewelry is always at the peak of popularity. To present a gift most effectively, many people pack cufflinks or tie fasteners in leather boxes, thus emphasizing the status of the presentation. Season 2019 – 2019 opened laconic gold jewelry for solid men. They have a particularly respectable appearance. Special dignity of such jewelry – they are appropriate in any image and will give the necessary gloss in any male ensemble.

Bracelets on the arm: leather and steel products for real men

Another trend of the new season – various bracelets on a hand made of steel, leather, silver. Some models are decorated with stones and gold inserts. Stylists recommend paying special attention to bracelets of minimalist format. For example, a thin ribbon of leather looks great. A streak and chic will be given to such an ornament by decorative elements made of gold, stones or silver elements.

No modern man can do without any jewelry

One way or another, men all their lives are forced to identify their social or personal belonging with the help of accessories and jewelry.

Most often you can find such jewelry in the obligatory “gentleman’s list”:

Watches with a steel case, an expensive leather strap, inlaid with luxury stones are the embodiment of the special status and style of men. If you can keep track of time with the help of modern gadgets (phones, laptops, electronic watches and scoreboards), then wristwatches continue to declare the social and financial belonging of their owner. Every modern man will definitely have a place for such an accessory. The more expensive the watch, the more it can be compared to a true work of jewelry art.

Wedding rings are worn by 90% of spouses. A man, even absolutely indifferent to gold and other precious metals, often has to wear this jewelry not so much for aesthetic reasons, but for the sake of centuries-old traditions.

Men consider the most “manly” accessory – a chain made of silver or gold. High-quality weaving, solid size, the organic nature of the product as a whole can emphasize the courage of its owner, his high position in society. This is an excellent gift for a birthday or other holiday.

As a worthy alternative to an expensive chain, stylists call a more democratic variant – male pendant or pendant. As a basis special thickened threads or thin straps of leather are used. Precious metals are rarely used for the pendant or pendant itself. Usually they are made of steel or any fashionable alloys. Another fashionable method – the use of massive natural stones framed in silver or steel.

Not every man will decide to wear gold or silver bracelets, as most of the strong half of humanity believe that this jewelry is the exclusive prerogative of beautiful women. However, such statements can be questioned. Stylish bracelets made of precious metals, which are created by the skillful hand of a master jeweler, can give its owner a special brutality and masculinity.

Integral elements in the world of business fashion – cufflinks, pins and holders for ties. Such accessories should always look expensive, status and respectable. They decorate a man, form a more neat and thoughtful image, put “rich” accents in the ensemble.

The rings are mostly made of gold or platinum. Steel and silver are less frequently used.

The attitude towards men’s earrings is still ambiguous. Of course, casting an earring made of steel, a glamorous ornament made of gold or a neutral silver accessory can be part of a certain stage image, but it is quite difficult to recite your own fashion philosophy with the help of earrings in the ears of a man even in a very progressive society. These jewelry is considered traditional in different subcultures. They still excite the moral minds of social morals.

Chains on the neck: Male style identification

Jewelers and designers at all times tried to create such variants of chains for men, which would emphasize the beauty of the male body in the highest quality and natural way, and emphasized the excellent taste of its owners. These accessories always look impressive, massive and solid. These are unconditional attributes of a true brutal or rocker. Men’s chains are often complemented by pendants. The main rule: the weight of the pendant or pendant should be twice as light as the chain itself. The ensemble should be made in the same style. If for the manufacture of the chain used, for example, steel, and for the pendant should be used this metal.

Men are not advised to wear a chain that is too thin. Such jewelry, like bracelets of the same format, in this case and look feminine. The general rule of choice: the larger the man’s body, the more massive should be a chain. The average thickness – from 3 to 7 mm.

Rings for men: the rules of perfect style

To make rings and rings for men look as stylish and organic as chains, a number of rules should be kept in mind. Traditionally, “masculine” products are considered to be of a concise format. Severely cut stones are welcome. Rings and rings should not have inappropriate radiance, and colors should be muted and calm. The immortal “classic” of jewelers is a black stone that adorns bracelets, rings and rings for men. Sometimes it is also part of the design of pendants or pendants. You should not wear on your hand more than two rings. Three or more rings on the hand – a symbol of bad tone. You should approach the choice of jewelry wisely and judiciously, guided by a sense of style.